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Turning off Auto Defrost


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A couple years ago I installed a residential fridge in our 5th. I've got 800 watts solar, 10 6 volt AGM batteries, but have still had some problems keeping a good charges bank. I think if I could some how turn off the auto defrost while boon docking every thing would be great. When that kicks on my amps go from about 12 amp discharge to about 35 amp discharge. Right now, I'm setting in the Jeep at the store in Big Bend, for internet, because I don't want to use any more power than I have to as it is cloudy and my generator will not start. Not a great day, but still thankful. Dick T

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I don't know about turning it off but you could add a switch to the heating element that kept it from coming on if nothing else is possible.

Thanks Stan, I thought about that also, now I'll have to find the right wire. Good thing I changed the outside vents to compartment doors. I wonder if there is only the one heater in the freezer, or a heater in both compartments? I'm running out of patience, so my switch just might be a pair of side cutters. Dick T
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It is usually just a heater in the freezer section so only one wire to find.


Just hook your meter to one end of the heater inside the freezer and start checking terminals on the back or under it. With any luck you'll find a push-on type connector there that you can just pop off for now. Later adding a fancy switch, maybe with a low power "warning I'm turned off" light shouldn't be hard.

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Take out the shelves in the freezer. The back wall of the freezer is a panel generally with screws around the perimeter. That panel covers the fan, defrost heat strip and cooling coils. The heat strip is located at the bottom of the cooling coils and is readily apparent on all I have seen. (Heat rises melting accumulated ice on the coils. The heat is isolated from the freezer by the panel and the fan is kept off.) While in there it's a good time to change the fan - cheap and usually the first thing to fail.


Problem is disabling the heat strip allows ice to build up on the coils and blocks the air flow from the fan and therefore the ability to cool the freezer and refrigerator. Not a good idea. Those heat strips were installed for a reason and manual defrost is not an alternative because of the location of the cooling coils and the need for the airflow to cool the refrigerator and freezer.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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