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fridge drain


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If it isn't cracked and leaking or the end ripped off it may just need cleaned, are you sure you need a new one?


How hard they are to replace varies by fridge, some you can reach through the rear access plate, some you can slide the fridge forward a bit and still reach from the back and some you really need to slide all the way out of the cabinet to get to the hose to fridge connection. Check your owner's manual or download a parts manual to see what you are facing.


Any of these are easy enough to do if you have two folks that can lift the fridge and a sturdy stand of about the right height to rest it on if you have to pull it out of the cabinet.

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What brand of fridge do you have? I replaced one on our 8cf Dometic as the tube was brittle and broke several times. You can pop the connection point out from the inside of the fridge to replace the tube. Two years latter the fridge died so we replaced it with a residential fridge. Greg

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