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Switching ISP help, may already know the answer


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We are going full time and in a quandary as to how to proceed. DW and I have had @comcast.net email addresses for 20years. I also have a web site hosted at godaddy that allows up to 10 (I think) separate email addresses and have my email there forwared to the Comcast account. So the question...do we just revert to the godaddy web site or is there a better way to go? I intend to keep my web site and blog active at godaddy. It's just that @ronpeckmotorcycles.com is awkward. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Dumb Question Guy,


Ron Peck

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For email, personally I would recommend GMail. You can get it on your phone or on a computer. I use my gmail account for anything I want to have access to on the road, such as reservation confirmations, etc. You could forward your other emails to gmail.

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With that awkward one domain I'd either get a better one or go to Gmail myself.


Comcast may have an option to keep your e-mail for a small monthly fee, the kids have done that so they don't have to change e-mail addresses.


A second easier domain at GoDaddy is also an option.

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The thought of giving up an email address you've had for so long is more difficult than the reality. Purging no-longer-used contacts and losing spam makes it all worthwhile. Gmail makes the conversion easy to do. They even help by sending out notices of your new address to your contacts.
We've also created an add'l Gmail acct.(with its own address) specifically for giving out to companies who insist on having an email address in order to log into their website—our friends and relatives get our "Real" Gmail address.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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