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Kudos to RViBrake


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Through my own clumsiness, I broke the wireless monitoring box antenna last month. Called these folks, arranged for shipping and sent it back. The guy was really understanding and was more concerned about our travels being postponed - fortunately not.


Last Saturday I received the repaired (more like brand new) wireless monitoring box back ...




RVi brake is, in my opinion an outstanding example of what customer service was and is supposed to be. I heartily recommend this Colorado based company.



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Had the same experience with RVi. Every so often my remote display would say "lost communication". Concerned me that the system would not work when this happened. Called RVi and spoke to a tech guy. He assured me the braking system still functioned even with that readout. Sent me a new and improved antennae for the unit in the tow. Free of charge and free shipping. Great company.

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Well, here we go again and another good service story:


The antenna problem I had in the first post apparently was a component problem and the same issue happened - the antenna broke free.


I called RVibrake, explained the situation and was informed they had gone to a different component so would replace it. I also mentioned that I would really like a pig-tail wire for a connection instead of the built in cigarette lighter connector. Figured they could do the modification while it was there.


The answer? "No problem and we'll do it for free."


Shipped it out on a Friday, had repaired/new item the next Friday. These folks are fantastic!

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