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  1. OFFICE UPDATE: Our office will be closed again Friday, February 19th, due to inclement weather. We plan to reopen on Monday, February 22nd at 8:00 am CST. As of Thursday, February 18th, we have not received any mail deliveries since Saturday, February 13th. Polk County Emergency Management services has continued to issue advisory warnings to not travel on the roads due to the unsafe conditions. Due to this our staff has also not been able to safely travel to the office and their safety is extremely important to us.
  2. As the social media manager for Escapees, I am just sending out messages about the closures. I suggest sending an email with your request directly to our mail service since all their emails will be gone through when they return, and your request will then be seen faster than if I was to send it through our inter-office messaging. clubbusiness@escapees.com
  3. The Escapees office will be closed Thursday, February 18 due to inclement weather. We have been closed all week so there is a delay in mail as well as answering calls and emails. When we return to our office, we will respond to calls and emails in the order they were received. Thank you for your patience. Stay safe out there!
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