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  1. One last comment on this. After looking a bit deeper into this, I believe this is a case of the person who owns or runs the forum has set permissions so that groups like moderators can post the “cover photos” and who knows what else, where as the Joe Sixpacks of the world like me, not so much. I apologize for wasting your time on this. I should have thought of that earlier. Roger
  2. Interesting. I have an Edit Profile image and clickable link, but the Cover Photo image and link you show in the picture on your post. I don't have that at all. I'm guessing something about my profile doesn't allow that, possibly my status, I don't know, but I think this is a dead end. I do appreciate you trying to help! Roger
  3. Don’t see anything about cover photo or even a tab to click on. I even searched for the term “cover photo” and came up with nothing. Weird. Thanks for offering up help!
  4. Reading Mercy by Brett Battles. Prior to that I was reading the latest book by Andy Weir called Hail Mary. I love to read. I read books versus e-books. I used to read e-books but something about holding a book with real pages keeps me going back.
  5. Using you as an example, you have a profile pic, I.e. picture of you guys. Then you have a larger image showing a truck and trailer. On most sites that larger image and its placement is referred to as a banner image. It’s that image I’m trying to figure out how to upload. thanks again!
  6. LoL! I'm actually o.k. with being considered a bit nuts. Some of my favorite people fit that description! By the way, can someone tell me how to get a banner image up on my profile? I'd obviously figured out the profile pic part, but how to do the banner image eludes me. Thanks again!
  7. When I click on many users on the forum they will have their profile picture (that I figured out how to do) and then a banner image. I can't find where to click to upload/insert this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Roger
  8. Thanks everyone for the nice welcome! It’s nice to know there is a place and a group of folks to talk to, ask questions of, etc.
  9. Hi everyone. This is my very first post here. I’m new to Escapees (I did join) and new to RVing. I just came back from my initial first trip in my trailer and had a blast just figuring things out (and messing things up) along the way. I just thought I’d say hi on here as my friends and family think I’m nuts! 😜
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