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  1. Posting on behalf of Teresa Moore - We are aware of this issue and are working with authorities. Further updates will be distributed as information is received. Thanks. Teresa
  2. Welcome to the new RVing with pets section, and since it's new, let me get the ball rolling by saying I have what some would call a tiny RV, a 29ft Safari Trek and I travel with 4 dogs, 3 now very spoiled tiger salamanders and two crested gecko's. Luckily my reptiles/amphibians aren't the type that require uv spectrum lighting so while on the road they can happily travel in slightly smaller living quarters than they're used to back at our stix and brix house. I'd love to hear if anyone else is traveling with exotics and how you over came the issues of such. I would personally love to hav
  3. Hi everybody, Friendly reminder to everyone, please keep it civil, you don't have to agree and you can debate to your hearts content, but in doing so, you have to keep it civil. Pretend like this forum is a country club for RV'ers, that way you'll remember to keep your cool because if you don't then you'll know exactly why you were asked to leave.
  4. Regarding message: Please get rid of it for my. emailed Webmaster but no response.



  5. I received the following message yesterday:

    The message "POSSIBLE SPAM:Express delivery" from Express delivery (express.delivery1@yahoo.com) contained a virus or a suspicious attachment. It was therefore not fetched from your account wharton@escapees.com and has been left on the server.

    If you wish to write to Express, just hit reply and send Express a message.

  6. MR. CARR

    Please address the posting time on the "HDT" forum,the clock needs to be synchronized to the true posting time. This post time will show 3:35 a.m. when it is actually 10:35P.M. EDT.

    PREASE ADDRESS THIS AND FIX IT. This forum clock has been messed up since 3 format changes!

    Thank You




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