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Question about the New Distant Network Service (or anyone with LA Locals?

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I know most on here just change your service address when you move around to get locals where you are. I wonder if you changed your location to the Los Angeles area if you would have access to the new Continental US Broadcasts of the Big 4 from LA, or do Los Angeles users still just get the spotbeams. Does anyone here have Los Angeles locals because of your service address? If so could you check if the Distant Network versions are viewable too? 

6306 KABC (7 HD) 
6307 KCBS (2 HD) 
6308 KNBC (4 HD)
6309 KTTV (11 HD) 

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LA is out as a "backdoor" DNS for the reason stated, but there are a number of other DMA's that are on CONUS beams that can work for that purpose. Most are on the Dish eastern arc 77 degree satellite, but NYC is on 119, and Ft Wayne, IN is on 61.5. I have not verified the list below recently, but I did "move" to St Marys, GA for the Jacksonville, FL locals to get the area hurricane news during this year's weather events. We were actually near Massena, NY on the Canadian border at the time. I also tested the NYC locals on 119 last spring.

DMA			Sat

Bluefield, WV (HD)	77
Cincinnati, OH (HD)	77
Columbus, GA (HD)	77
Davenport, IA (HD)	77
Evansville, IN (HD)	77
Ft Wayne, IN (HD)	61.5
Jacksonville, FL (HD)	77
Lexington, KY (HD)	77
Lima, OH (HD)		77
Little Rock, AR (HD)	77
Louisville, KY (HD)	77
New York, NY (SD	119
Paducah, KY (HD)	77
Springfield, MO (HD) 	77

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On 11/27/2017 at 11:46 AM, Mark and Dale Bruss said:

LA channels are spot beams for those with a LA Service Address.  The CONUS need special enablement (DNS).  I know as I tried.

I figured that unfortunately it would be that way, thanks for confirming. 

The only downside to the other CONUS markets is they are all in the Central/Eastern time zones. Just once I'd like to see some Mountain/West Coast affiliates be CONUS. 

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