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ACA plans and prices up for 2018

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Thank you!  I was wondering how they would handle the cost sharing reductions, and found this at the beginning of a contract that has them:


This plan provides cost share reductions(CSR) for individuals determined eligible by the Marketplace, and is not available off-Marketplace. The benefits provided under this CSR plan are a variation of a base silver plan offered on-Marketplace. This means the cost sharing amounts under this plan are less than the base silver plan. The difference in the amount of the cost-sharing in this CSR plan and the base silver plan is subsidized by the government. If the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) fails to continue funding CSR subsidies, in accordance with ACA § 1402(c)(3), you may no longer be eligible for the costshare reductions under this silver CSR plan variation.

Of course they don't tell you what the benefits will be if it changes to a "base silver plan," but hey, it's only a contract.

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