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California advice, please

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Jojoba Hills in Aguanga, CA, is one of our favorite places to stay... ever! We'll be heading that way to stay our four week max beginning the second week of February (we were there in January of 2016). When we leave, we want to head north toward Park of the Sierras near Coarsegold, CA. On the way, my wife wants to spend some time seeing the coast. We (I guess I should say "I") pull a 36' fifth wheel and my wife follows in a Toyota. I have traveled the coastal highway(s), but many, many years ago (the last time in the early '80s... in a '65 Mustang convertible, no less!). From memory and what I've read on the various forums, much of the coastal roads (? 101, Hwy 1, etc.) are not routes one would want to take with a large towable. My questions are these: between Temecula and Vandenberg AFB, how wise is it to pull the rig on I-15/I-210 to get on 101 up to VAFB? From VAFB, is 101 over to Paso Robles OK? If it's a no-go on both of these routes, where would you recommend staying to make day trips over to the coast in the car? I have disc brakes on the fiver and an engine brake on the truck, but I really don't enjoy white knuckle driving or having traffic stack up behind me on two-lane roads. Your experience and input are valuable!





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In my opinion I15/210 is the only way to go that way, the alternatives are way too busy (I5) and the 101/1 is bumper to bumper/stop lights all the way. If you pick your time well you could risk 5/405 (weekends early morning) but it's a crap shoot. Once you get to Lompoc either 101 or 1 is doable. We always liked the Pismo area, Morrow Bay, Cambria (The Hearst Ranch/San Simeon). There is one fairly steep climb to Lompoc on 101 but it's not really long and there aren't any switchbacks to worry about. The rest of it is easy enough from memory. (I rode it many times on my motorcycle, towing a camper at times). I'd get the RVParky app and find some parks along the way then RV Campground Review to pick some good ones. Reservations may be a good idea this time of year.

Have fun


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We live 20 minutes from Jojoba Hills and used to live in Oxnard. Until this year, my wife made the trip every 3 weeks to see her then, 101YO mother in rest home. Many times we would take the 5er as a change and for me to join her. As well, I have customers there so the business WAS ALLOWED to pay for our trip.

My input as to travel is this, Leave Temecula around 8:30-9:00AM. Take the 15N to the 91W, to the 71N which will join the 57N and drop you at the 210W (this will save some miles as compared to the 15-210W), then follow the 210 toward San Fernando Valley (splits at the 170 interchange and using the 210 will allow you to avoid the LA traffic). Take the 210 to the 118W which you can then take the 23 at Moorpark to the 101 or go through Moorpark (2 lane highway but travelled by big rigs and farm equipment also)and Somis and Camarillo/Oxnard/Ventura to the 101 at Santa Clara Ave./Rice Ave. You can also take the 210 to the 126 through Fillmore/Santa Paula(lots of farms and ranches) to the 101 north of Ventura.

I've traveled these routes often and you have more equipment than you need as far as traveling safely. BTW- You may want to check out Solvang and stay in Flying Flags, one of our favorite spots. Pea Soup Andersons is near there with a shuttle to Solvang from Flying Flags. We tried some Olalaberry wine there, uhm!

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