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Cake Mix Waffles

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Happy New Year!


And here's my disclaimer for this recipe... if your resolution for the New Year is to lose weight, this isn't the recipe to try.. haha!


But, if you're going to put it off for one more day​, then this is a good recipe to give a go.


Now, I don't normally buy cake mixes, but I do most of my shopping at the bent and dent shops, and frequently I'll come across the good quality cake mixes from 25 to 50 cents a box. I'll pick up several just to have them around for those times you want something sweet quick... and even for cakes, I love to throw my own twists into them to make them my own.


But this morning I wanted to add a little sweet start to 2017, and so I opened the cabinet to find a box of moist devil's food cake mix. Hm... yep, that's sweet, and who can go wrong with chocolate? So now I need oil and maybe an egg, so why not use some real mayo like I did in the two ingredient cookies? I did... 1/3 cup of mayo and to that I put in one cup of 2% milk because that's what I had. In the same cabinet, for whatever reason, I had a partial bag of chocolate chips. Hey, can there be too much chocolate in life?


Let me repeat...

1 cake mix

1/2 cup real mayo

1 cup milk

Any additions (chocolate chips, nuts, fruit, whatever floats your boat)


I stirred that together well and put a cup onto my sprayed and heated waffle iron. (This could also be made into pancakes if you add a bit more milk for a thinner batter.) Then I waited while the fragrance of warm chocolate filled the kitchen, and pounced on it as soon as it indicated it was ready.


Oh my word... warm chocolate pancake with melty, gooey chocolate chips... no syrup required! Though I do imagine that chocolate syrup or whipped cream might bump up the sugar factor even more. And just as an FYI... these DO work with the sugar free cake mixes, if you're watching your sugar consumption.





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Good idea, we do it all the time. We also make French Toast in the waffle iron, very good treat.


Safe Travels!


Wouldn't that be French waffles ? ;)

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Just tried a new one for me. Stone ground corn meal, buttermilk, eggs and some whole wheat flour, baking powder & cooking oil. Mix it all up and let it sit about 10 minutes. Prepare your waffle iron. I like real butter and heated maple syrup or pepper jelly to finish the treat.


Good cooking and Safe Travels!

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