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  1. Yes I have our VNL630 for sale! It's listed on this page at $52,000.00 My email jayslaptop@gmail.com Also on Facebook pages HDT's For Sale. 2005 VNL630, VED 12, 10 speed Eaton Fuller Gen 11 AutoShift, 542,000 miles, 256" w/b with garage. Thank you!
  2. Hello to all the attendees we have met during the years we were there! And to the ones since. This event still stands as a high point in our years with our Volvo. The fellowship and sharing of experiences and knowledge is very cool! We wish all a great Rally! There come a time for change. Vicki and I have recently resettled in the Phoenix area. A few days ago we sold our Teton. Now it's time to let the Volvo go. There is info on it here https://www.facebook.com/groups/368741390204588/ Thanks to all
  3. SKP101479


    Demo! From one old goat to another!
  4. Time for us to downsize... At 542,000 miles our Volvo conversion with the garage has served us well. As attaching photo files here is very challenging I ask you to either mail me at jayslaptop@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/groups/368741390204588/?multi_permalinks=536010363477689&notif_id=1539042091918724&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic #425, 501, eight five three zero. Thank you for your interest, Jay
  5. At 5,477' elevation it's nearly the same as many other areas of Montana,Nevada, Arizona and much less than Colorado. If your truck struggles with this altitude I suggest having it looked at. We live just a few feet off WA.20 in Mazama.
  6. SKP101479

    New Project

    Net Proceeds has a sliding ET. Max f/r 27".
  7. Net Proceeds has been that way for 6 years. Full set on the rear drivers, singles on the intermediate axle. We travel 7-8 K a year.
  8. I will say how I did it. DW and I flew from Sea-Tac one way to Old River Truck in Richland, Ms. We took delivery (in Feb. 2010) and left with the title, bill of sale and other papers, no permits or drivers license endorsements. Traveled south to Breaux Bridge, La. for 2 days. Then to Mission, Tx. for 3 days. Then up through Cortez, Co., Moab, Ut., Salt Lake City, Ut. Boise, Id., Pasco, Wa. and Seattle. I stopped at ALL open weigh stations. Only in Cortez was I hassled. Was held up 3 hours and had to pay 2 citations...fuels tax and interstate commerce ticket and we were on on our way. Thirty nine weigh stations. Your results may vary.
  9. The added support of the conversion away from the collars on the top shaft works. No 'hopefully' about it. Supplied with new 'tower' mounts and excellent advice as to the location to mount them the conversion went well...3 years and 24,000 miles ago.
  10. 1ROD, We won't attend this year.
  11. I used the same sheet product from Lowes, 1/2" thickness if I recall. Both 110vt and 12vt circuits were ran then. There were a few..maybe 3-4 short exposed conduit places. The ceiling and walls were then sheeted with 1/4" plywood. Prior to the plywood tight radius areas were covered with FRP as it flexes quite well. Then the ironwood skids were reattached and all wood was clear coated. Lastly the 'E' tracking was reinstalled. The insulation combined with airspace has worked well.
  12. Thank you! Keeping the subject close as it pertains to Rving and not commercial activities,most of us particularly with tandem axles will never overload at the rear. As for my setup, many of you have seen it at the National Rally. The reasons for not singling were as follows, 256" WB, a garage with lots of storage (car too). When designing the build, I am great full to Henry Szmyt for his patience in helping me, not just rear axle loads were considered. Front axles on these trucks can be quite close to maximum load rating when loaded with accessory RV items ie drom boxes, Smart Car, motorcycles and such. This with fully loaded fuel and not towing to offload the front axle was a concern. Those of us who use these trucks are among the safest most contentious RV'ers traveling the roads.
  13. Net Proceeds is tandem rear. Six years ago I removed the inner tire/wheels on the forward axle. Now some sixty thousand miles later I'm still pleased with the decision. I don't carry a spare as I figure I have one...either one of the rear axle ones, gained .4 mile per gallon, all rears are first run recaps...never had a on road tire problem. Your results may vary. Jay
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