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  1. Lucky you were not towing your RV. There is nothing like the feeling, after a serious accident, of standing on the side of the road and realizing that you are now truly homeless. Our first truck and trailer were totaled in August of 2001 in the same kind of accident. We were T-boned in Casper Wyoming in August of 2001.I wish you speedy repairs to your rig and that you are back on the road soon. Glad you were not hurt.
  2. Yes truck is still for sale. I posted the measurments somewhere but I can't find where. The Trailer Saver Hitch can be moved back probably about a foot or so. I am signed up to go to the National Rally in Hutchinson. The truck can be seen there this October if it doesn't sell before that.
  3. I wish you both the very best in whatever life has to offer. I hope that you will continue to travel in some form or another. Love you both.
  4. Jim was a smoker. I am not a smoker. Jim never smoked around me. Jim has been gone now for over two and a half years. I don't smell any evidence of smoking in the truck.
  5. The truck is registered in South Dakota as an RV. In South Dakota you do not have to have a special license to drive it.
  6. Price has been reduced. Price negotiable.
  7. Price Just Reduced! If this old lady can drive a 10 speed manual so can you.☺️ Much less problems with a manual transmission than an auto-shift. 😀
  8. The truck in located in Rapid City, SD. The mileage is right at 589629 miles. The interior is nothing fancy. Just a standard Volvo 610 interior. I did install a 2000 watt inverter so that I could run a small TV, a refrigerator, and a microwave.
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