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  1. yes, that is correct. I don't recall who it's currently with. When I spoke with them, they said they were negotiating with all four of the major carriers in the US.
  2. LWD, I’ve been looking real hard at the RVDataSat solution. I too am still working, and I’m in the WiFi business working remotely. We consume a lot of data (about 600 GB streaming Netflix, video conferencing, etc) monthly. At our summer location I have great WiFi and no bandwidth restrictions or problems. This winter we’re going to another site in FL, and I’m going to have to either rein in DW or come up with an alternative. Did you do the install yourself or did you pay to have it done? I’m looking at their Option 4 ($99/month-to-month). Are there any other fees, etc? What UL/DL speeds are you typically getting?
  3. CA is beautiful - my wife is from San Jose and my company HQ is out in Silicon Valley. Being from the East coast, I had never really seen the beauty of Yosemite or the Pacific Coast as a whole until my wife showed me around on some weekend trips when I’d fly out there for business meetings. However, as beautiful as it is, I have no desire to go visit it with a 44’ trailer being pulled by a 20’ truck with Florida tags. I’ve read too many anecdotal stories to convince me that there are plenty of other beautiful places in this country to visit that don’t present many of these California problems.
  4. I use SBI in Green Cove Springs, FL for our mail forwarding service. I contacted Lee County Tax Collectors office (we just sold our home in Ft. Myers, FL). Per their instructions, I went online with the FL DMV and simply changed my address to the GCS mailing address, but instead of the box number used the license plate of my RV as my residence (since that is where we "lay our heads"). They then transferred me over to Lee County Voter Registration. I explained to them that we sold our home in Ft. Myers, but that we still consider ourselves as Lee County residents. The supervisor that I spoke with was very familiar with this situation. She said that for voting purposes they would continue to use my old Ft. Myers address, but that they would use my Green Cove Springs, FL address as our mailing address. I explained to her that we're keeping our doctors in Ft. Myers, continue to visit friends and family there, and that our intention is to eventually move back to Ft. Myers when we're done traveling. She said that she was comfortable that we met the "spirit and the intent" that we were maintaining our residency there, and she re-validated our voter registrations documentation, and we will be sent absentee ballots via the mail. Having accomplished all of this AFTER we sold our home and went full-timing makes me at peace with the whole domicile question.
  5. Are you keeping property in California? If so, you may need to consult with an attorney. There is more to "establishing a FL domicile" than just filling out a form. I recently went through the process. In my case, I was already a FL resident (been so for nearly 20 years). However, once I sold my home, while I was still considered a Floridian (by domicile), the answer is "it depends". We have a proven "audit trail" that we are still Floridians. We've kept our doctors; we registered to vote in Clay county. We maintain our affiliations with churches and schools in the Ft. Myers area. In short, we're more than just Floridians on paper. In discussions with a lawyer, we learned that if a state wants to come after you (i.e. California), and you still own property there, continue to use your same doctors, etc., etc., etc., - California could make a very valid case that you are still Californians, and come after you for property taxes, income taxes, etc. Congratulations on retirement.
  6. Tried them. They were one of the most expensive.
  7. I have not been a fan of Camping World; pretty much know them only by reputation. However, recently when we were shopping for our Sleep Number bed, they beat everyone around by at least $300, so I ordered from them. Drop shipped directly from the factory, so we had no problems. I don't like their management; I think Marcus is a slime ball (based on public comments he made, as well as the publicity stunt he pulled using the American flag as a business prop) so it's only going to be as a last resort that I purchase from them.
  8. Hi Joe, thanks for the tip on NG insurance. I called them today, went through the numbers but they couldn’t beat the current Progressive coverage that I have. I also contacted an independent agent in Port St. Joe, FL and she basically said the same thing; she’s writing a lot of Progressive policies as they’re the cheapest around.
  9. I posted this in another RV forum. Looking for input. OK, the loan is approved and now it's time for insurance. I am currently with Progressive for the following:1. 2016 Ford F350 truck2. 2018 Nissan Armada3. 2016 Grand Design 313RLTS4. 2016 SeaDoo 165 GTi5. 2012 Bennington 24SSLWe are full-timing, new fifth wheel arriving mid-October. Clean driving record, great FICO score, based in FL (really). Who would you guys recommend going with? I'm not married to Progressive by any means.Should I consider an independent agent?
  10. Wife and I went back and forth between the 39RKFB and the 39FK - for over a year. We also looked really hard at the DRV 44 Houston. We finally settled on the 39FK, and placed the order two weeks ago. We have a 2016 GDRV 313RLTS and are frankly disappointed in GDRV. They were not considered when looking for the new one.
  11. Correct. Clay county asked the state for an opinion on this last year. Here’s what the state came back with: https://dos.myflorida.com/media/699707/de1809.pdf As previously discussed, the common thread through the four scenarios is the lack of a valid residential address and no meaningful contacts indicating the requisite intent and physical presence in the county. The use of the Mail Forwarding Service and its advertised services alone including the Declaration of Domicile without a valid residential address are insufficient to satisfy the requirements for legal residency in Clay County for voter registration purposes. SUMMARY Customers of a private mail forwarding service who attempt to establish legal residency in a county by filing a Declaration of Domicile that fails to list a residential address or that lists a nonresidential address at which they do not reside and who have no other meaningful contact with the county other than using the services of this enterprise in the county to receive mail, secure a Florida driver license or Florida identification card, and obtain a license plate, or hull number for a boat, without having a past or present physical presence and intent to establish permanent residency in the county is not sufficient to establish residency for voter registration purposes and are most likely not legal residents of the county. Bottom line is it’s not going to be as simple as it used to be to declare Florida as your legal domicile. We literally just started full-timing on last Thursday - the day of this announcement - we closed on the sale of our condo in Ft. Myers. However, we will be keeping our doctors, ties with the community, and have intentions of eventually moving back to the area in about 5 years, and that is what is going to be considered on a case-by-case basis as they referred to in that opinion.
  12. I just saw this message posted in the Bulletins section at SBI. Wife and I just closed on the sale of our house yesterday. I immediately went and changed our drivers license and vehicle registrations to our new SBI addresses <GROAN>. Also attached a copy of the letter that I think started all this. 6/6/2019 The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department is currently reviewing their requirements for registering vehicles/vessels and the issuance of Florida Driver’s Licenses to individuals who live full time in their RV’s or Boats. During this period, they have suspended issuing new Drivers Licenses or registrations to individuals who utilize a mail forwarding service for these purposes. At this time there is no indication that this will affect our current Clients, unless there is a need to register a new vehicle or vessel. We understand the importance of these issues to our existing Clients and those that wish to travel full time in their RV or Boat. Currently we are working with the FLHSMV in Tallahassee and will do whatever is necessary to ensure your continued right to live your dream. https://www.sbimailservice.com/bulletin/ https://dos.myflorida.com/media/699707/de1809.pdf
  13. A slight tangent from the original discussion, but can’t you renew your passport using your previous passport (IOW, only the first one needs your birth certificate)? I know my oldest daughter was born while I was stationed overseas, and due to a technicality she couldn’t get her US citizenship. I eventually got her citizenship sorted out - it was a PITA - and for her first passport it was a pain, but after that they accepted her previous passport as proof of citizenship.
  14. I had my passport stolen some years ago while in the Czech Republic. Had to get it replaced at the US Embassy in Prague. The consular officer told me to make a color photo copy and carry it with me in a separate piece of luggage; in case of a loss it would have been trivial for them to replace it. Today I have copies of all my critical files stored in an encrypted.ZIP file on OneDrive in the cloud. My point is, pretty much EVERYTHING can be replaced if need be. Carry the original with you in the RV in a safe, but make sure you’v made digital copies of everything, encrypt them, and store them online. Even if someone steals the file, a good, strong password will protect them.
  15. What happens if you stop your mail forwarding service? Does all the mail get Return To Sender? How does the USPS ever know that you are no longer at the mail forwarding service?
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