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  1. What has the manufacturer said about this issue??? Are they aware of it, or is this a one-off?
  2. I installed mine yesterday. Physically very easy to install. Logically it’s a PITA. The software is very clumsy. It does not install gracefully using an iPad. BTW, you MUST use a mobile device to install and manage it. They used to have a web browser interface but they’ve done away with it so if you don’t have an Android or IPad/iPhone you’re SOL. The first installation attempt was using my iPad. I ended up getting tech support on the phone. They themselves don’t like the program. We ended up switching over to my Android tablet to install it and it was much better. We’re getting about 12 Mbps down/15 Mbps up where we’re sitting.
  3. I looked very hard at the DRV HOUSTON 44 model. It came down to that and the Riverstone 39FK. I had asked a number of owners and previous owners of DRVs. Here's a link to the question I posted ("If there was ONE design item in a DRV that you would change..."). http://www.thorforums.com/forums/f29/if-there-one-design-flaw-drv-you-would-change-16443.html As you can see, many complaints about water intrusion. That was enough to scare me away, Good luck with your search. Take a look at Post #24 in that thread. He talks about testing for soft spots to see where water may have gotten in.
  4. I just purchased it last week. Installing it tomorrow. Can't beat the $360/year for unlimited data.
  5. Reviving this thread. I’ve been looking at quite a few different ones but just settled on the Motorola MC4000. The feature that I really liked was the fact that it monitors temperature and AC power as well, so even with a total power failure it’s got a battery backup that still allows it to send a message. I’ve been testing it and everything works as advertised.
  6. Yes, in fact that’s how the real world works. You do your part so that the company does better. “A rising tide lifts all boats” is the expression. If you feel better with your personal insults at other people, well that’s just you. Whatever.
  7. I am very conscientious about my towing weight. Every time we started on a trip I make a point of hitting a CAT scale to ensure my numbers were all within manufacturer specs, as well as where my optimal numbers were. My family’s safety is too important to ignore that.
  8. Guess that nerve is pretty raw. And of course small towns don’t set up speed traps either I guess. Sorry you got so triggered.
  9. This may start a very slippery slope in many revenue-hungry states and municipalities . I can see many of them suddenly buying portable scales for the explicit purpose of increasing revenue. @Ray,IN you yourself said only about 1/3 of all the trucks at a DRV rally we’re capable of pulling these big RVs. It wouldn’t take much to have Sheriff Buford T. Justice tell his boys to pull over any truck that isn’t a dually with that big letter “D” on the front cap of that RV and perform a “safety inspection”.
  10. Well, the OSP trooper felt differently, or else he wouldn’t have written him a ticket. And yes, you’re right: it’s probably more bother than it’s worth to fight it. I’m sure that if any truck manufacturer felt that the payload number could be higher, they’d market it that way. Somebody came up with that number for a reason.
  11. Yes, that much overweight isn’t something you can lighten a payload easily. If you know you’re going to be overweight (and he HAD to know) it just makes sense to get it all sorted out beforehand. It’s not like he was 50 lbs overweight.
  12. Wife has Plan F through United American Insurance. We’re been extremely happy with them. I turn 65 next year, and was planning on going Plan F with them. Looks like that’s not gonna happen.
  13. Did he let him go on his way, or did the OHP make him drop the trailer?
  14. Interesting that the OHP based his weight rating solely on the axle rating. I wonder if he had a book or some reference document that said “axle X has a max rating of Y”?
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