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  1. Hi, all! My husband and I are first-timers, and are pretty excited! We begin our journey in February, heading from southern Ontario, to California. We have recently lost our beloved boxer, Olive. It’s been so hard, and I miss her terribly. We were great companions for each other, and she was very emotionally supportive. It’s hard to be stressed or anxious, when your buddy is with you. We are considering a puppy, and I’m a bit apprehensive, because I don’t know much about travelling with dogs. I’m sure that those of you guys with pets, probably know, that having a dog can do wonders for you, and you get to give a dog lots of love, and a great life!! My husband does a lot of travel for work, and we would love to be able to bring her, and want to get her used to travel. I’m also going to be licensing her as a service dog. If we decide to get the pup, we’ll have a 6 month old boxer with us, and I’m concerned about what to do, if we want to go and do a day trip. Not only for having the pup cooped up for too long (what’s too long?), but also... how do we keep her nice and toasty in the cold, and cool and comfy in the hotter weather, when we aren’t there for any length of time. From popping out for groceries, to day trips, what can I do? I do know that daycare is an option, but would rather not have to send her somewhere. So, I guess my dilemma is, is it doable to RV with your dog in hot and cold weather? It’s a huge decision to get a dog, and I just want to be sure I’m doing the right thing. If we weren’t doing the RV thing, I’d get a pup in a heartbeat. Any help and advice would be kindly appreciated 😊🐾❤️
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