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  1. When I was a full time OTR truck driver and I had to hitch up a trailer I basically just lined up the sides of the tractor with the sides of the trailer in the mirrors. With an RV FW hitch being so much smaller and perhaps the trailer being a bit more delicate does this still work? There's no back window to look out of with an HDT like there is with a pick up truck. Are you guys using some kind of video camera set up to line up the hitch?
  2. I had been wondering if the commercial fifth wheel would work for the trailer. Sounds like that is a bad idea, particularly with a mid size rather than huge RV. My commercial travels would occasionally take me to WV from VA so I guess I would need to keep everything right for multi-state commercial travel. I guess I'd better talk to my insurance agent and see if it makes any difference to them. What would be really nice is if I could find a way to haul my boat on the tractor and still pull an RV. VA won't allow double tow so I would otherwise have to make two trips to the lake.
  3. Hello all, I'm new to this forum but not RVing or trucks. I used to drive an 18 wheeler for a living and I still have my class A CDL. I'm an electrical contractor and I use my dually pick-up to pull a flatbed with materials and equipment on it. I can't pull a GN or FW because of the ladder racks. My dually is an '05 with over 260,000 miles on it and needs to be replaced soon. I currently don't have an RV but was thinking of getting a FW for our family of 5 to travel all over the country. I began to wonder about getting a used road tractor to pull it with for the additional power, braking, and room. I then realized I could use the same truck to tow a GN flatbed for hauling equipment around for the business. This would allow me to buy a gas work truck instead of a diesel, saving nearly $10,000 on the purchase price.I thought about even leaving it a tandem axle with the real fifth wheel in case I ever wanted to pull a real semi trailer for some reason. I realize I would have to leave the truck a commercial vehicle, keep my license, and run a log book which I cam fine with doing all of those things. Can anyone see any problems with this plan? Can you use the real fifth wheel hitch to tow an RV? If not, can you have both the real one and an RV style hitch on the same truck? I would want windows in the sleeper and a bench seat for my 3 children. I know that can be done but it's probably not that common. Thanks for any advice you can give.
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