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  1. 2000 Volvo HDT RV Hauler For Sale

    Quickthrotl,. I never heard back from my email either.
  2. 2000 Volvo HDT RV Hauler For Sale

    Email sent wcarwin@gmail.com Happy New Year everyone Cory
  3. Registering as a motorhome

    Chip, I'm over on the western slope and although we haven't bought a truck yet, that's my winter project, I did send an email to the Dept of Revenue, motor vehicle division, asking how I should proceed with registration since an HDT does not fit into any of our registration categories. I received a quick but short reply, stating that the vehicle use takes precedent over its weight class. The letter states that I can license it as a "light truck", which is what Colorado calls your everyday pickup. I then went to our county office and asked the gal behind the counter the exact same question without telling her I already got the answer from the state office over in Denver and she told me the same thing. She said how it is used is what determines the registration classification, not the size or weight. I know light truck isn't the same plates as motor home plates but that is the route I'm going with. If you think it would help you I can try to foreward the email to you through PM. I would think that since I could register as a light truck, since it will basically replace my pickup and that is how it will be used, you should at least be able to register as a rec truck since that is how it will be used. hope that helps. Cory