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  1. Great Ideas and pictures All I still haven't decided what I will go with , I am working on other things now for a trip coming up in 2 weeks, but will do this project in the spring when I get a nice block of time, The sofa looks Great !!! what was the source for it , if you remember Fire Guy, Thanks, Mike M.
  2. Hey All, Thanks for all the replies, I just took delivery of 2 good used windows out of a Cascadia from "My Little Salesman" a truck salvage place in Maryland, I have't decided on the seat/seats for the rear yet still in research mode, I'm getting backed up with things to do on the rig , I have front springs/shocks, rear air bags and an oil change to get too, then I will get to working on the rear of the cab, This rig is going to be used for trips mostly so I have a few months to get the cab done, JJ The pictures are great, I will check out your post ,Thanks, Aprreciate all the imputes Mike M..
  3. Thanks for the insight, I will check the other posts for more info. Thanks, Mike M.
  4. Hey All , New to the Forum .I have a nice Freightliner Columbia 120 Toter , Looking to change the lower Bunk to a Bench seat for the lower section, Has anyone had any experience with doing this, ie; what type of seat ?, where to acquire one ?, problems encountered while doing this ect. ? I would like to have seat belts incorporated in this project, I also just bought some Rear windows for that model that I am planning on installing, Any tips ,Ideas or leads will be Greatly appreciated, Thanks, Mike M.
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