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  1. Economic viability means that enough customers find it valuable to pay for it. Bragging rights? For a network connection? That's funny. Also steered antennas are now much lower priced and common.
  2. Don't know, I cancelled that years ago also. Apple's music service was adding more than Sirius was losing, for a while, but these aren't numbers I track. Podcasts are becoming big business now, and terrestrial radio is becoming even worse than it has been for a long time. You are right of course that some small number of people don't have some form of broadband. There are also a number of people who simply won't change, or don't know their options and assume they "can't." I personally run into an equal number of both. So many also think that you have to have internet service to play your media, rather than download while on wifi to play later.
  3. Yes, every time a tech becomes dead, there's a tail period where some people still haven't figured out their other options, and keep using it. I actually did that myself with Sirius. It still has no future, which is why they are laying off so many workers and providing early outs for many. If there were a future, they'd want to keep trained employees.
  4. Sprint is a loser has-been, and any company aligned with them is doomed. Dish was a great company at one time, as was Sirius. But their tech is dead and useless.
  5. We cancelled our satellite service in 2006, haven't missed it at all. You don't need an internet connection ALL the time to make this work. We download shows and movies to our devices, and play them later without an internet connection. Out of everyone I hang out with, not one has cable or satellite any more. My neighbor was an installer and recently left with an early "retirement" package because installs have slowed down so much. He said mostly only people over 70 are signing up any more and their market is literally dying.
  6. I know two vets with dogs who help with PTSD. It's a fine line between emotional support and "trained to perform a specific task" in this case. One definitely is, when the dog senses that he's becoming "off" the dog gets his attention and pulls him back. The other is more simple, the dog constantly provides a known entity wherever he goes.
  7. The federal ADA was changed in the early 2010s to say only dogs, and to further clarify "specific tasks." PTSD used to be a little gray, but it's specifically allowed for. Also the ADA is the MINIMUM that businesses must allow. Every state, and even cities, can create laws that allow MORE animals and more access, but not less. A state could declare that your emotional support weasel falls under their version of the ADA.
  8. So? What exactly is the problem with that?
  9. All rentals are new at some point.
  10. I've rented many RVs from CL over the years also. I've never rented from any of the rental companies.
  11. I'm familiar with AGM and have one in my Jeep because off-roading kills flooded batteries. But it says to use only in a well ventilated area and only right side up. I don't know why. I've also used them, and Optima spiral AGMs, in various boats and RVs. They are nothing like Li-Ion.
  12. You can only use 50% of their capacity (they are still lead-acid), and they don't seem to be safe to put indoors though I'm not sure about that. Some show a warning not to. Some also need to be mounted vertically like a flooded battery.
  13. An expensive, but possibly worthwhile thing to look at is Lithium-ion batteries like the LION. You will pay about $800 for a single 100aH battery, but that's the equivalent of two standard deep cycle 100aH batteries because you can use 100% of the power. With regular lead-acid, you need to limit your usage to 50% or they will die quickly. They also have a much longer total life expectancy. They can be put inside the living space in any orientation, and weigh nothing compared to lead-acid.
  14. I definitely will, but it's going to be a few weeks at least. My TT is in for warranty work, and they are ridiculously behind on it. I won't order the product until I have the trailer, so I can install/test and return it if needed.
  15. I'm ordering this. If it sucks, eBay's return policy is really good. If it's good, I'll do a full review here. I can't decide whether I will wire it to the tail lights or hard-wire it elsewhere. I run DRLs and don't know if I care about turning on the tail lights. I have no clearance lights. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BULIT-IN-WIRELESS-REAR-VIEW-BACKUP-CAMERA-SYSTEM-7-LCD-FOR-RV-CAMPER-TRAILER/252689313043?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  16. I've lent and borrowed RVs, and I've rented personal RVs many times. No qualms, I'd do it in a second. We aren't renting our new one simply because the wife said she wants to be sure to get to "wear it out first." Fine. I would have put it on the market in a second. In my neighborhood we've swapped RVs and vehicles several times. Someone needs my Jeep for a trip in the desrt or hunting? Sure! I needed a larger RV when going out with more people? A neighbor gave me his TT *and* his truck. Etc.
  17. I've never seen dog crap smeared on a shopping cart, but have seen baby crap. People are pigs. And I don't know which is the more entitled, awful group; people who pass off pets as service animals or the current generation of new moms.
  18. I wouldn't worry about it. For many years I towed a 12k trailer and occasionally a 16k trailer with a 2005 Ram diesel 2500. I loved it, zero stability issues. Recently a neighbor was shopping for trailers to tow with his 2016 Ram 2500, and was sure he "needed" a fifth wheel. I suggested that he consider both types, and base it on the deal/amenities. He found a great deal on a new TT that was perfect for his family, and not available as a fifth wheel, so he did it. He's 100% happy after well over 10k miles all over the country. I also wouldn't do a dually or full ton unless I was hauling a heavily loaded rig like a toy hauler. Focus on getting what you want.
  19. Simple. They make X amount of power for Y amount of surface area combined with Z amount of sun exposure. From there it's just simple math to understand what they can do for you. Everyone camps differently, everyone has different power needs. If you first figure out how much power you're taking out of your batteries in a normal day, then you can figure out how much solar you need to replace it. This is all just math just like filling and emptying a gas tank. If you use a gallon in a day, you need something that puts a gallon a day back into it. If a panel is specified as watts, you can convert it to amps and amp-hours by dividing by 12. If you find that you need to put 50 amps back into your batteries every day, then you need about a ten amp panel assuming an "average" full operation time of five hours. You'll get more from it in the Southern latitudes of course.
  20. I can tell you that AZ has never seemed to care that I use a UPS PMB address for everything. Not that I'm full time, I just don't think anyone has a need to know where I live.
  21. I have the tow vehicle set to DRL. Not sure I’d remember to turn on lights manually. But I guess the dark camera would be a reminder. I don’t disagree with lights on.
  22. So you run with the lights on during the day?
  23. Satire is a gray area of communication. Some may call it a black art. You have to use your gray matter well to understand it.
  24. There are multi-purposes products, but there are no ALL-purpose products. Silicone self-fusing tape has a few uses, "duct" tape types like Gorilla have another, and I also like Fiber-Fix for some things. The latter is a hard, water-cure strip that ends up like fiberglass. Very stiff and strong, but not useful on a flexible surface or anything flat. But you can put a shovel handle back together with it. I also fixed some outdoor chair leg welds with it, holding for three years now.
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