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  1. I don't see what you're getting at or where the parallels are...
  2. I agree with everything you said and yes, air bags are much more versatile than leafs. My thought with leafs was that it's an easy way (relatively) to achieve side to side articulation with a bit of up/down travel....if the springs were mounted front/back anyway. It's interesting you gave the air bag example for pickups, I was thinking for a 20K tongue weight (thinking along the lines of my gooseneck), two 8k leafs with backup air springs would give a decent loaded ride and still allow some side/side when off camber and the trailer's empty. This is based off a WAG and nothing factual, just spitballing.
  3. Thanks, I was able to look your picture which led me find out that Silver Eagle tow dollys are pretty common and was even able to find a parts diagram online. My thought was to mount the leaf springs parallel with the frame rails but they went perpendicular....now the search is on to see if anyone’s already done that. Thanks a ton for this, I might end up messing around and building one just to play with and see what happens.
  4. This is somewhat of a random question but has anyone seen a gooseneck/5th trailer hitch build that uses leaf springs instead of airbags? I found myself daydreaming at breakfast this morning and after thinking about it on the drive and during lunch, it seems like it would work with a few strength modifications. I'l likely never build it but since I dissect project ideas as my form of mental gymnastics and trying to stay sharp, has anyone seen such a thing or can point out why it wouldn't work? It wouldn't give you any front/back articulation but the side to side/compression articulation should be plenty. Actually, if you used 4 leaf springs you'd have some front/back articulation also...
  5. FWIW, I occasionally run on waste motor oil and have a couple 330gal totes full to the top and never had a problem with flexing, leaking, dripping, etc.
  6. Black

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    Good call, I forgot about the pin. Other than a vertical pin, it sounds like below the bumper it is...
  7. Black

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    Any thoughts of cutting a square hole in the tube and welding the receiver tube into it? Aside from the added support, it seems like it'd be a "cleaner" look.
  8. Black

    Winch capacity......

    Just a thought but a 12k winch from Harbor Freight is under $300. Should you put it on a removable mount and your rig ever gets stuck, you can move it to the truck and use it to pull yourself free...
  9. Black

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    Hello, I went with the Draw-Tite 4907 7" bracket kit and the Draw-Tite 41991 hitch. This is a Class V universal fit hitch that's specifically made for heavy-duty and commercial vehicles with frames up to 62". The ratings are 16k lbs gross trailer weight and 1,600 lbs max tongue weight although it can be reinforced to handle more. It's cheaper to buy the components separately then as a kit and all together I spent ~$130 for the hitch and about $15 in bolts.
  10. For my own planning, I assume a 6% interest rate and a 3.5% withdrawal rate. While my withdrawal rate probably won't change much, I expect to beat 6% (Vanguard easy 3 fund portfolio) quite regularly so that's my worst case scenario. I've found a wonderful tool called Firecalc (there's other variations out there) that run a simulated retirement strategy as if you would need to withstand the worst ravages of inflation, the Great Depression, and every other financial calamity the US has seen since 1871. I figure that if my numbers can withstand that, then it is likely to withstand whatever might happen between now and the day I no longer have any need for your retirement funds. https://www.firecalc.com/
  11. I’m curious how you got to this number as at the somewhat popular 4% withdrawal rate, 5 mil generates $200k/yr. Perhaps you’re just in a much higher socioeconomic class than most and this is their current expenditure?
  12. I wasn't born into the white middle class but even so, being born American is the greatest lottery win that anyone could ever receive. For all of our shortcomings, we literally are the land of opportunity. I'm grateful for the gifts I've received but also grateful for my work ethic and willingness to do things that my peers deem as beneath them or not worth their time. It's not a zero sum game in that just as I can recognize that my own decisions have played a part in my relative success, so too has the stroke of luck in being born in the U.S, being married to a faithful and loving woman, and having parents that cared enough to raise me with Christian morals and shape me into a responsible adult. All that said, It's a much more interesting story to tell folks I was born into a log cabin that I built myself:)
  13. Bob, Rather than buying a new controller, do you think a 12V relay would've solved the problem with the controller? Thanks for the writeup!
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