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  1. Squatters are not Nomads, and there should be a clear distinction. Am sure many will say that am being judgemental, but there willbe targeted hype articles that true to label nomads as squatters. Not even close to the same lifestyle.
  2. But what about us Florida cousins and medical? Have heard that the VILLAGES is a great place to get medical care while staying in Orlando area.
  3. Thanks for making this Jim. Interesting concept that is very practical. Have WIN10 so have not tried to set it up. Use all your own internal database of random movies played on a random basis 24/7, and tie in some news. Good to go.
  4. offroad

    Mobley power options change

    texted ATT an got my two PUK numbers just in case.
  5. offroad

    Mobley power options change

    this is the first discussion that mentioned the MOBLEY when in RED LIGHT mode that it is updating. Had never had that happen before, and my mobley smelled like it had blown a circuit (silicon smell). It never worked again over three days time, and never got out of RED LIGHT mode. Instead pulled the SIM chip and put it in a MOFY SIM4 cellular hotspot device (cost $350 unfortunately). But now the speed is about ten times faster than the mobley ever was. Plus I have external antenna connections I can use when I want to move antennas to the outside on a pole or such. http://a.co/d/14u3zXY My account continues to work fine. NOTE: someone mentioned on the HOWARD forum threads that they sent in their MOBLEY to ZTE for repair and did get it back. Repair is free if under warranty or $50 if not.
  6. offroad

    Weather where you are?

    East Haddem, Connecticut and 37 this morning. Lower than expected but still comfortable.
  7. If I was driving 24 hours then sure. But some like to take a slower snowbird path, after visiting relatives on the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  8. because the park owners have cabins, and park models, and heated pavilions, etc. Oh and they also have a few camp sites that they have electric only, no water. people travel through.
  9. during actual planning it is much more difficult. Campgrounds that say YEAR ROUND may only be for on site cabins, and not the camp sites. Calling each place is the only way to know. What a PITA.
  10. used to live in Louisville KY. So the GARMIN map update (unlimited maps) from 2018 to their GPS is still out of date for I-69? Only GOOGLE is good? How about WAZE or MAPS.ME the two free applications that work really well, or the APPLE MAPS app?
  11. agree. ST2010-2013 good enough for planning. for active navigation am using my garmin with updated maps.
  12. Just found that I can EXPORT the map plans from ST2010 I make as a GPX file. Then email them to myself and open in POCKET EARTH app on the iphone (which has GPS coordinates displayed below the map). Pretty cool to have it all pop up on a map with GPS coordinates referenced below the map, that can be plugged into my Garmin directly. Its good to not get lost with some random address, when GPS coordinates are a better guide. Have not tried any KML or KMZ file work but may need to for google.
  13. now on ebay for sale. since we had no interest here.
  14. It should not cost more than $10 shipping, else I will pay the difference.
  15. Am selling my working PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES - Surge Protector SSP-30X that is currently working. Upgraded to a different model. Make me an offer for anything above $50 plus shipping. This is the model that works for 30A outlets at the campground and tests them to make sure it is safe to plug in your RV. Detects reverse polarity, open ground, open neutral and protects against surges. Used for two years.