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  1. my older membership VIP contract clearly states that at 62 years of age my annual dues are LOCKED IN forever. So I need to wait six years. You may wish to read if that's in your VIP contract already. Also see that I can freeze dues for five years and not pay anything and not use the contract after the first year. But reading the various clauses (as we just bought this used VIP contract) shows that they can go up by the CONSUMER PRICE INDEX or and in addition to other ways as needed. Point is they kind of got you, and yet they do not. Considering the comparable RV rental spots services of $350 to $1000 a month we all need to compare. Boondocking is cheaper, but you best know how to get water and supplies nearby; and that is a lot of driving gas cost at 10MPG. Am looking forward to other discussion. ************* seems I was wrong about a used contract. They frozen dues does not transfer to a used membership in the contract. Per my discussion with the resell company.
  2. did not think of using the word UNIT instead of LOT. Makes just as much sense.
  3. adding to the process detailed documentation. Found another GOT YA circumstance..... Changed my address with GEICO from SC to FL; which GEICO FLORIDA is slightly different than GEICO national. Geico national got a little too quick with their notification of insurance change dates, and sent a message to DMV SC that we dropped insurance. When in fact we just changed insurance to a different state. DMV SC sends me a notice that I have an uninsured vehicle for 17 days, because the plates were not turned in fast enough, to cancel registration in SC. Had to get GEICO to FAX in a letter stating that we had never had any lapse of insurance for SC, and that we had just moved and everything had not caught up. Hope we get some smart folks at DMV SC to realize we are good, and not continue to collect on a $85 fine for uninsured vehicle. GEICO just did not manage the process well enough to prevent DMV SC from automatically triggering a fine notice to be sent out.
  4. latest note from ESCAPEES SERVICE is we are still good in Florida, because we have a direct affiliation with an RV park used as a residence. That is enough to prove residence for the BUSHNELL FLORIDA location in SUMTER COUNTY, according the the registry of voters contact person. That was the official legal response.
  5. Looks like I will need to make sure I use Recreation.GOV more often to make sure I save on any fees. When we lived in SC it all went through RESERVE AMERICA for state park reservations; and the same was true when using it for Florida State Parks, so kind of got used to it.
  6. Reserve America is the one web site for most state parks across every state in the USA. Almost every USA state park uses it everywhere exclusively. They charge a fee every time you make a reservation (which sucks) but you do get the spot you reserve. Very good for busy state campgrounds, as if you just show up to most state campgrounds on a summer (in season) weekend, they are 100% booked.
  7. We are doing full time camping and just started looking at the Active Advantage program discount via Reserve America. Are folks pretty happy with using that discount program? does it pay for iself pretty quickly as a full time camper? Are there any other Loyalty Points or Discount Passes ways to save via Reserve America? https://www.reserveamerica.com/outdoors/ActiveAdvantage-GearUp-Deals.htm
  8. really think thee are not manufacturers but instead reseller importers. They have a suite of products that they bought from china, and are selling them, without testing
  9. adding to and finalizing my comments with what happened yesterday (July 12, 2018) at Fernandina Beach FL (just over border from Georgia on I95 highway - the quickest closest location to drive to without needing to drive all the way to BUSHNELL area, as that is not needed) --- 1) Everything was done in one hour when they opened at 8am. Only took an hour!!! OMG this was outstanding. Most of the ESCAPEES process was correct for Florida. I used two bank account previously set up with the new address. Some just use one bank account and the insurance. (note if you have GEICO make sure they use the Florida address only, and set everything for online billing and correspondence). 2) $850 for truck and RV travel Trailer. For two years registration. That included a fee for the specialized plates and a custom ham radio plate. So maybe $100 extra for that special plate process. Every two years it will be around $250 to renew all by mail. Eights years for driver license and that can be done by mail too. 3) They did not like the ESCAPEES number # after the address of the county road, for domicile. No PMB is acceptable either. So we just claimed the number is a LOT number. That worked in the Florida DMV system. This needs to be clarified at ESCAPEES. But the TX mail forwarding service address was fine, and they had no problem with that in any way. So two separate addresses can be set and work. 4) Make sure you have paperwork to prove you are a veteran. DD214 or such. Having veteran status on drivers license might help you a little at some future time. Also double check your motorcycle endorsement is moved over if you have that.
  10. offroad

    When to set up domicile and change address

    just got driver license yesterday in Florida after setting up domicile via ESCAPEES Florida process. Took one hour at DMV just over the border from Georgia, in Fernandina Beach FL. The only problem we had is that the ESCAPEES process needs to have the number listed as a LOT and not as PMB or # for the domicile address. Everything else is good for having two addresses. Mail forwarding in TX and domicile in FL. No problems.
  11. offroad

    Thousand Trails Camping Pass now unlimited?

    so the combination TT/TC/RPI is around $1000 a year which is not bad for the quantity of park choices when full time. Then just go to county/state/federal campgrounds, or use PASSPORT AMERICA, or boondock,or driveway surf the rest of the time.
  12. offroad

    Genny Size

    I see it is costing $1000 average price, and that is crazy higher than competition.
  13. offroad

    Genny Size

    Like the champion mentioned, at 80 pounds its not too heavy. But am trying to find one that will run on Propane tank. The kit to convert that is $200 more than the $600 price for the generator. Most of the 4000W generators weigh 100 pounds. Still looking for the holy grail of a generator solution that has propane, and can run a 13500 BTU single HVAC unit (assuming HVAC may have a booster capacitor circuit).
  14. offroad

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    http://www.boliyusa.com/category-s/1817.htm as the source for parts for this company frankly it looks overpriced on amazon. but people buy what they want http://a.co/3vorh3A
  15. offroad

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    would go for this. Have a 1000W generator now (Sportsman by Buffalo Tools) that I have not used, but it can not do parallel. You need to be certain of what you need. This Yamaha powered one will definitely be the way to go for parts and service. Two means that one will always run in an urgent need, and two will power any AC system for overnight sleeping in a boondock situation. And see if you buy via Costco and use the Costco Citi visa card you can get a four year warranty on this baby. Two original years, plus two more years via Citi Costco visa; plus 120 days theft protection too. Good deal.