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  1. Happy Wanderer: Have you posted this question on the Airstream forums “airforums.com”? I’m sure that someone there can give you specific answers since they will be familiar with Airstreams. Dave
  2. I own a deeded site in a rv park that offers Coast to Coast classic. My buy-in is $550 plus $89 per year. Amortizing the cost over 5 years, I only need to use the system 7 nights a year to be at break-even. However, if I purchase a deluxe membership from Southern Trails RV park i Georgia, the buy-in is approximately $1,000 with an annual fee of $249 (park and C2C fees). Amortizing the cost over 5 years requires using the system 18 days a year. I'm wondering is the additional cost of getting a deluxe membership worth it. Does the 90 day window to make a reservation versus a 60 day make that muc
  3. I have researched the benefits and differences between the deluxe and classic coast to coast memberships and I understand the differences. The major differences being that with a deluxe membership you can stay at deluxe parks for 14 days rather than 7 and you can book 90 days out rather than 60 days. My question for those who have (or have had) a coast to coast membership, is is worth paying the extra to have a deluxe membership over a classic membership? Your input and experience is appreciated. Dave
  4. When I look at RV Park Reviews (or any other review site) I discount the best and worst reviews. You can never please everyone all the time. I try to look at the trend to get a feel for the park. If the majority of the reviews are positive I expect that I would have a positive experience; if negative I wouldn’t be surprised with a negative experience. I use the same process in reviewing products on Amazon. Dave
  5. Cactus: All is well. We have had to change our plans. We won't be hitting the road until April of 2020. We will be living fulltime in our RV in October 2019. We are planning on being "RV'ers 365" rather than being "pure" full timers as we own a RV deeded lot in Illinois and have a lot at the SKP co-op in Florida. Our issue is we need health insurance coverage and are waiting for Medicare. We currently have excellent medical coverage that we have used more frequently than expected. At this stage in our lives we are not willing to gamble with health coverage. Buying priv
  6. There is a young women (Becky) fulltiming in a small trailer (a Casita). Here is her website about her life http://www.interstellarorchard.com/. She has a lot of good information.
  7. DunellenGuy: Congrats; nice looking motorhome. Exciting times.
  8. You will need to determine if your itemized deductions are high enough to exceed the standard deduction. It is easy to exceed the standard deduction when owning a home because mortgage interest and property taxes are usually significant amounts.
  9. I used Miller because I thought Incorrectly that they were endorsed by the Escapees organization. They are not endorsed by the Escapees organization; they are an Escapees Commercial Vendor. Miller messed up my policy that I only found out about at the time of submitting a claim. Because of their error and how I was treated by them I will never, ever use Miller again. At the time of renewal of my policy I told the insurance carrier that if Miller was going to continue to be my agent I would change carriers.I now deal directly with the carrier with no agent as the middleman. Be sure
  10. The "Where am I at" app is free unless you want to eliminate advertisments. Then it's $3.99. I just downloaded the free version. It gives you location including county. Dave
  11. Linda: You misunderstood the question. I know that the iPhone has a "locator function" in case you lose it or it is stolen. I want to be able to look at my phone (via) an app that tells me what county I am in. NOAA weather alerts are issued by county. I have identified an iPhone app called "Where am I at" this will do what I want. There is a similar app for Android phones called "Where am I". Thanks all for your responses. Dave
  12. Barb: Thanks for the info. I understand that it can be done that way. Android phones can use an app called "Where am I". Upon opening the app you are provided with information related to your current location. I can go out to the Apple app store and search for this type of app. However, I was wondering what other RVer's are using. Dave
  13. I am looking for an I-Phone app that will indicate my current location. I am interested in knowing the county name for weather alert purposes. What app do you use for your I-Phone? Thanks for the help. Dave
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