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  1. SAIL SWITCH !!! Easy to replace Call mobil rv tech if it is too difficult for you or look on youtube...many videos
  2. N New Airstream 25FB Twin. Our dream RV came true . Longtime RVer's , Escapee since 2012 , sold our monster 5er and downsized. Gradually learning our new RV . DW wants to name her "Fancy" ......ok w/ me.
  3. New Goodyear G614 23585 R16 Twin 15000 BTU a/c slide toppers 50 amp kept under covered storage $27500
  4. Would reccomend Flex Armor Had my 5er done in Denton ,Tx. Very pleased with results and service.
  5. You need one of these https://www.amazon.com/PROLINE-Locking-Female-Adapter-Generator/dp/B073XRZTC4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1535920466&sr=8-3&keywords=generator+to+rv+50+amp+adapter your gen then can connect to 50amp rv cord.The honda gen is a quiet unit that shouldn't disturb others. You run gen on 220 volt setting via adapter to 50amp rv plug.I then switch mine (Yamaha 6300ISDE) to economy mode.You then can power everything in rv at same time.
  6. My lippert slides have jammed several times, A. You may have to "reset" the controller by following the sequence prescribed. https://www.amlrv.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Schwintek-Manual-override.pdf 1. Electronic Manual Override (available on board revision C1 and newer): Locate the circuit board. Press the “mode button” six times quickly, then press a seventh time and hold for approximately five seconds (Fig. 1). The red and green LED lights will begin to flash, confirming the override mode. Release mode button. Back inside coach; use the normal slide control switch to retract the room. TS Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 SLIDEOUTS F Has been successful for me when slide gets jammed. Also when extending or retracting slide , hold button down at least 5 seconds after slide stops.
  7. Something to think on. I have owned a contractor generator , since Hurricane Ike in 2008. It performed well , used for 6 months while rebuilding home and living in a 27' Aljo TT. However it was loud ! Fast forward to 2017 , had purchased another home , retired , retired from full-timing for 2 years . Power goes out regularly ( now living in East Texas) . Still had old faithful 5000 watt contractor generator. Strung extension cords for power outages , etc.Worked fine , but LOUD. Then , I purchased this https://photos.smugmug.com/2017-18-new-pics/i-CRGhN53/0/c7a25cb6/S/product_2325_500-S.jpg Yamaha 6300 isd inverter generator. 6300 watts and QUIET. Used dry camping in our new Jayco 28.5 RSTS 5er . Runs BOTH 15K BTU AC's and everything else in 5er. Did I mention it is QUIET. I have a LWB truck and it rides in front of hitch. Use it to power house as a standby via a Generlink hookup. Now no more extension cords and it powers all 110 volt in house. No more extension cords. Long story short : Get biggest you can afford. No regrets , it was expensive , but you get what you pay for.
  8. I am thinking of a front mounted carrier on my front hitch. You could see it.
  9. This intrigues me for hauling behind my 5th wheel. Somebody try it and report on it.
  10. So , if reading correctly , I can get license plates for my Kawasaki Mule if i add turn signals ? I have all the other equipment.
  11. I now own a Yamaha 6300 ISDE portable generator. It is a Cadillac. Quiet. Carry in truck bed ahead of fiver. You can sleep in the bedroom with the truck attached and generator running.Also runs both 15000 BTU air conditioners at same time. Have had other generators prior . It is pricey , but you get what you pay for. Also use it at home for a back-up power system through a Generlink interface. Power in rural East Texas has outages that can last for long periods. At home I keep it on a Battery Mate and it is always ready to go. It does not have a pull-start. Used on a recent hunting trip and it ran 16 hours a day for a week. Always use premium fuel with Stabil. Always after running close the fuel shut-off valve AND drain carburetor bowl. Fuel will stay viable for long periods if treated.
  12. DW uses a NuWave oven.......Has one 4 house also.
  13. I hated my self adjusters on my 2016 Jayco 5er. Replaced all with manual adjusters. The auto adjuster locked up 1 wheel on any stop. When i tried to loosen it it became stuck. Went to trailer supply and bought 4 new brake plates and installed.I can adjust them manually every 4-5000 miles or whenever they need.
  14. I have used this one for years. Easy to stow, 110v cord to outside RV outlet , hook up air-line and Bob's your Uncle.I know it is not 12v , but there are many cheap 12v units out there . This Makita is a quiet oil bath lubricated unit that will last forever.It has a tank drain valve to drain any condensation. I bring it inside to use in my garage when not travelling. YMMV. https://www.amazon.com/Makita-MAC700-Big-Bore-Compressor/dp/B0001Q2VK0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492266439&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=Makita+air+compressor&psc=1
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