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  1. I have the Visible R2 phone. I haven't yet tried the hotspot feature, but am counting on it when I launch. I found it difficult to get started since there is only "chat" support available and there don't seem to be many humans working the chat. I opted for the free phone and find that sometimes I can hear the caller, but the caller can't hear me. I will give a better review when I have used it on the road for a sufficient period of time.
  2. I retired from my fulltime career August 1, however, I have taken a contract to continue working for my former employer. My contract calls for me to work in a different office which is in the southern part of the state I live in. I am excited about living in State Parks or on Federal lands while I am working. I hope that working this contract period will break the need I feel to continue working full time in retirement.
  3. I can only tell you what I found towing a 19' travel trailer with a 2011 Tahoe LT. The trailer was the tail wagging the dog. I bought the trailer from a private seller who gave us a weight distribution hitch, but did not explain it and we were too ignorant to understand its importance. The weight was fine, but the length was not. I have since moved to a 15' trailer and am finding it much more appropriate. If you check your loaded weights to be appropriate to your Tahoe configuration and have a proper weight distribution hitch you will likely be ok.
  4. Best wishes to you! Rig selection can be difficult. Several years ago I fell in love with the interior layout of an older 26' class A. I was extremely happy with my purchase except for driving it. . . it wandered and needed a steer safe or something. I next tried a "perfect" 19' travel trailer which, again, had a great interior layout. However, I was not comfortable towing it with my Tahoe. Felt like the tail was wagging the dog. Last fall I bought a brand-new tiny T@b trailer by Nu-Camp RV. I can hitch and tow it with confidence, but it is tiny, I am taking off next month on my adventures. My advice would be to test drive the vehicles that have interiors you love and test drive them for as many miles as the dealership will allow before you purchase. Again, best wishes for success and happiness.
  5. In my 2011 Tahoe LT the third row seats come out completely. The second row folds flat or tumbles forward to provide more storage, but it is not designed for seat removal like the third row.
  6. NuCamp manufactures high quality small trailers.
  7. I just wanted to say that I'm still here. I didn't retire in December, but have committed to retiring effective 08/01. Not sure of my exact plans after that. However, I am looking forward to the self I discover when I am free to be whoever I want to be. I have purchased the TT I wanted, a T@B CS-S. This is my third RV purchase and I think I got it right this time. I look forward to reading about your adventures and sharing mine!
  8. I suggest you search YouTube. I put "Full time RV families "in the search bar and found tons of vlogs about living in an RV with kids.
  9. Independent Lady, There is a YouTuber from Canada who has installed a wood stove - I believe in 2 RVs. I found a video here There may be more than one video on the topic on his channel.
  10. OK, I've dropped out of a couple of previous graduating classes, but this time I am committing! My last day of work will be 12/31/18. I haven't told them yet, but will closer to time. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the house - may need it to come back to if the health or vision goes bad. Although, I'd probably prefer a studio apartment in a warmer climate than returning here. My current plan is a T@b 320 CS-S which has all the space I think I need pulled by my aging Tahoe. My failures to launch in the past were due to financial concerns and grandchildren who needed to come live with me. I am more confident financially now and will not let anymore grandkids move in with me - no matter how cute they are! I am excited about the future!
  11. A T@b is a 15' teardrop style travel trailer made by NuCamp. Likely not for you two, but perfect for one fulltime or two on a vacation. Another similar brand is Little Guy. I just need a place to sit at a table, a place to lie down to sleep, a place to cook, room to stand up, and a bathroom. I don't want a trailer that is much taller than my Tahoe to cut down on surface drag. I may want to move to a 6 cylinder tow vehicle at some point when a new vehicle is needed. I live in a small (800 sq ft) house which is too large for me. I believe thinking about it and dreaming about it for the past 8 years and touring many, many RVs of all classes has helped me narrow it down. I still like to look and stop at an RV place when I travel just to see if I find something I think I would like better.
  12. In 2010 I started dreaming of early retirement and fulltime RV living. Here it is 2018 and I'm still working - Plan to retire at the end of the year. I have purchased two different RVs so far and plan to buy a totally different one for full-timing. I thought I wanted a class C after just looking online, but I first bought an older 26' class A -perfect for one or two, but I HATED driving it and grandchildren wanted to go along camping with me so it was too small. Next I got a small travel trailer with room enough for all to sleep, but too long for my Tahoe. Not to heavy, but too long. I now think a T@b will be perfect for me. If you want to see an excellent sampling of what types of trailers there are I suggest you check out RVs on Ebay. I probably wouldn't buy sight unseen, but you can view rigs of all sizes and types.
  13. There are RV dealers in central Illinois. I can't comment on their honesty or service as I have only looked, not bought from any. Pontiac RV located in Pontiac has a good selection of different sizes of travel trailers. Jerry Pressley RV in Decatur has a good selection of both new and used TT. Four Winds has locations in Maroa and East Peoria. I have not visited the following dealers -EZ Living in Braidwood, Terry's RV and Timber View RV both in Frankfort, a Google search will find many more. General RV and Camping World have locations in the Chicago area, I think. You will want to look at a lot of TT to see what features you want and what you can live without. You will want to sit at the table, stand at the stove and kitchen sink, see how much knee room you have when on the commode. A bed against one wall is tough to make, I currently have a TT with a bed against the wall on 3 sides - a wrestling match to make!
  14. I don't have experience in wintering in an RV, but experience wintering in central Illinois in drafty, under-insulated houses does provide some insight. Don't plan to use an RV sewer hose. PVC sewer pipe with heat tape will serve you well. If you could bury the pipe below the frost line then you only need heat tape above ground. Ditto with your water-pvc water pipe wrapped in heat tape should keep the water running. If you have a pump house atop your well you will likely want bales of straw all around and a heat lamp of some kind inside. Finally, I think they make heat blankets that you fasten somehow to your tanks that reportedly keep the tanks from freezing. Hats or hoodies assist inside as well as warm socks & shoes or house slippers. Best wishes for great success!
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