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  1. Wonder why they have problems selling Volvos in Texas? I see them on the road everywhere here. They seem to be the most common truck.
  2. Wow! That one is even more nuts!
  3. Yeah, I was thinking it looks like it would be horrible to drive. Wide turn radius and not much ground clearance over uneven terrain.
  4. Here's a screenshot pulled from our dashcam: The size just kind of shocked me and I thought I would share.
  5. That's pretty funny! In a sad way, of course. Thanks! That helps a lot to know what kind of 'service' jobs we are talking about. It's always difficult to understand when details are vague because you don't know if people are getting doors rekeyed or frames welded. And there are so many different systems on a fiver.
  6. I've read a crazy amount of old threads on this website so I knew CW was viewed negatively but didn't know exactly why. So thanks for the clarification. Some of the prices we saw seemed ok (over 30% off MSRP) but that was because they were trying to get rid of 2016 models. Still, I won't buy from there.
  7. We were already thinking an HDT is the way to go. We like an technique that someone here had written about. Park the fiver in a good spot for a month and use the HDT as a motorhome (maybe with a scooter/motorcycle) to visit places that require an overnight. That's exactly what I was telling my wife! I wonder what DRV's production figures look like. I'd be curious to know how many Houston's (and other models) they make each year.
  8. We're both onboard with doing this. I have 3 years to retirement so we are thinking we will buy in a couple years and live in it for a year beforehand. That should give us plenty of time to adjust and make the trailer our very own. Right now I'm just trying to read up on everything I can find. All the old threads here have been helping a lot. Yeah, we'll avoid anything stinky. Don't want something that's going to turn into a project. Thanks! I'll keep them bookmarked. We really like the DRV 44 Houston on that site but it's expensive enough that we would have to get a used one.
  9. I suspect we'll still buy used but not more than 2 or 3 years. That PPL place seems to make buying a used one easier. We still have almost 2 years before we intend to buy so there's plenty of time to find a good deal on something we like. My DW certainly wouldn't mind a new one but I'm tempted by the savings you can get by buying a lightly used one. I actually hadn't thought about the possibility of them having pets. We like dogs and cats but they just aren't appropriate for our lifestyle. But yeah, I wouldn't want a trailer that has had animals living in it. And smoking would probably be even worse. I get the impression that CW wasn't really very interested in selling the used units on their lot. Really, they would probably prefer people get turned off by them and go back to looking at the new ones. We expect we will want to keep our trailer for a long time but who really knows. It will be a drastic change in living. When we were looking at new fivers, my wife said she was trying to imagine that one of these could be our home but she just doesn't feel it yet. And we are renters for many years now so it's not like we have an attachment to a house or spot of land. Now that you mention it, I think the stinkiest trailer was also the one that had the outside extremely faded. It looked like no one had ever tried to wax it or anything.
  10. So yesterday we went to Camping World to spend some time looking at Fivers. We went once before but that time we only looked at the ones on the showroom floor which means we only saw one Pinnacle in the 35-40 foot range. Anyway, we had fun browsing and found some floorplans that are close to what we would want. The one thing that is really shocking to me is how much bigger they are in person. The pics on websites looked cramped but when we actually go in one they seem like a stadium! The ceilings are so high which makes them feel spacious. Of course, that must make them harder to heat but you can't get something for nothing. And BTW, we aren't really thinking we will buy at CW - it's just the biggest place nearby to view a bunch of models. So then I wanted to find the used Fivers for sale. Told the wife we should look at them so we can see what ours would look like after it isn't new anymore. And yes, that was a very different experience. I didn't pay any attention to years but there seemed to be a range of them around 5-10 years old. For the most part they looked ok but OMG were they stinky!! I suppose it's because there's no ventilation and they are closed up and stewing in their stench. One smelled like they saved money on grandma's funeral by tossing her under the bed and selling the trailer. We opened the door to that one and were like 'Nope! Not going in there!' Seriously, maybe a mouse died in the roof/walls or something? Does that happen much in RV's? And I'm not sensitive at all to odors - in fact, I would say I have very little sense of smell. Anyway, the upshot of our trip is that I realized we probably want a fairly new trailer and would probably prefer one that hasn't been lived in. Surely I'm not the only one that has experienced this?
  11. Sometimes they require trailers to enter through the commercial entrance. They made me do that when I was pulling a UHAUL trailer. There they scan the vehicle/trailer from the side with some sort of large device.
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure what the correct terminology is for this. But I'm just thinking there's no reason both of you need to have a license from the same state. Of course, you'd both want to be from states with no income taxes. I guess I think this way because that's how we are now. The wife and I have licenses from different states and our vehicles aren't all registered in the same state. Been that way for years while living in different states. Of course, right now it's because I'm in the military. But I don't see why it would need to change when we eventually start FTing. There's nothing saying a husband and wife have to be from/in the same state, right? I'm just wondering what benefit there might be in doing this. I'm sure there are some but don't know what they would be. Also, I know Vermont doesn't require you to live in their state to register your vehicles there. Well, at least they didn't 10 years ago and I don't think they have changed since then. Does anyone register their vehicles in Vermont? Are the registration fees and rules better or worse than states like Florida and Texas?
  13. I'd like to see that. I don't think I could make furniture that looks good enough for my wife! We'd wind up buying furniture after my attempts got rejected.
  14. That's a lot to think about. Need to find sturdy desks that don't weigh too much and fit the space well. I assume we don't have to worry about weight too much as long as we put our filing cabinet somewhere else. Is there any sort of standard weight limit for slides?
  15. Yeah, I looked at your truck and trailer. It looks like a really good deal! We're not really ready to buy yet. Just trying to decide what kind of trailer would work best for us. Thanks!