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  1. Still no cause has been found? It's been a while.
  2. It would probably help if you listed the location. Also, maybe the approximate weight.
  3. This. Overly sensitive foolishness like this certainly doesn't make me want to be a more active member of this forum. No wonder people don't post much here.
  4. A little sag never hurt nobody.
  5. I know this is a bit of an odd question, but can a person with a regular Florida driver's license legally drive an HDT registered as a motorhome in Texas (with or without a 5th wheel behind it)? I'm thinking yes but would like to see if there's something I don't know.
  6. Wonder how old that first one is.
  7. Thanks! I'll take a look at those.
  8. So we went looking at Camping World yesterday. Yeah, we know it's not a good place to buy. But it's the most convenient place to go look over a lot of different models. Anyway, we saw one fiver that we are particularly interested in. It's the Forest River 387MKOK. I searched the same model on rvtrader and it's much cheaper. The one at CW has the 'Signature Package' and the 'Ultimate Package'. The others we saw online seem about the same but usually don't mention having any packages. And some of the items listed in the package seem pretty standard. For instance, the 'two tone painted front cap'. Seems like they all have that because I can't find a pick of one with a different looking front. The only differences I could see in pics were these: different kitchen faucet, theater seats without massage feature, different bathroom sink, slightly different size TV. Anyway, I'm just trying to figure this out so any input would be appreciated. Also, I'm thinking Forest River is a decent brand but input on that would be good, too. Here's the spec sheet for the one we saw at CW:
  9. Would really like to see some interior pics.
  10. Dang. That is really tempting. I'm going to Savannah in late May but I'm sure it'll be gone by then. It says it has a fifth wheel but I don't see the hitch. Is it removable or is he just saying a fifth wheel could be added?
  11. Wonder why they have problems selling Volvos in Texas? I see them on the road everywhere here. They seem to be the most common truck.
  12. Wow! That one is even more nuts!
  13. Yeah, I was thinking it looks like it would be horrible to drive. Wide turn radius and not much ground clearance over uneven terrain.
  14. Here's a screenshot pulled from our dashcam: The size just kind of shocked me and I thought I would share.
  15. That's pretty funny! In a sad way, of course. Thanks! That helps a lot to know what kind of 'service' jobs we are talking about. It's always difficult to understand when details are vague because you don't know if people are getting doors rekeyed or frames welded. And there are so many different systems on a fiver.