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  1. But you should know it's not as simple as that. They make a flu vaccine each year and yet mutations create new strains so it never really goes away. Influenza and COVID-19 are both RNA viruses so they have high mutation rates. There's a real possibility new strains of COVID-19 will emerge and this will become an on-going multi-year struggle to stamp out this virus. You're smart enough that you must be aware of this possibility but I suspect you left it out because it doesn't fit your argument. 😉
  2. Wow, that's only 32k US! That's a bargain for somebody!
  3. I don't know if it is legal. Just pointing out it is commonly done - and with significantly smaller tow vehicles than the OP is talking about.
  4. These were cars/pickups towing other cars/pickups, usually both somewhat wrecked. Yesterday we saw many groups of 3 or 4 of them headed towards Juarez. I'm guessing they are transporting them into Mexico or Central America. Technically they could have had braking systems but I'd bet anything they didn't.
  5. We saw dozens of cars being towed down the interstate yesterday with tow bars. They all obviously didn't have braking systems but it looked like they were headed to Mexico.
  6. Here's the one we are thinking of getting. Any advice appreciated. It is only for camping and trips, not living in. Yes, it's a cheap trailer for the price. No slides. And it's new but a 2019 model. We really weren't planning on buying new but the price isn't that much more than the slightly used ones we are seeing locally. 2019 KEYSTONE HIDEOUT LHS 262 ETA: We didn't get into negotiating price. I'm thinking they won't come down much farther but don't know. They are offering to sell a 'starter kit' and sway hitch with it. I'm guessing those are marked way up. I might buy those extras later - still thinking about which way is best. Do I need a sway hitch even with a big truck like my F450? If so, will most any sway hitch do or are there certain types for certain trailers?
  7. Feels like I am worrying too much about length. Better to just get what we think we need and then work through any issues that arise. Thanks for all the advice.
  8. Do I need to worry about finding a place to park the truck after I drop the trailer? It's a 2002 F450 Crew Cab Dually so it's pretty long itself.
  9. Wow, lots of good info. I have a lot to think about now. 😃
  10. So this is one thing I wondered about. Are the length restrictions due to the size of the campground sites or the curvy, twisty nature of the roads going into the park? I guess it would depend on the NP, but I'm thinking if most parks allow 27' TT's then the road shouldn't be too tight, right?
  11. Interesting. So would you agree with my assessment that a 30' (or so) 5th would be easier to drive & park in confined areas than a 25' TT? I've never pulled a 5th so it's all conjecture on my part.
  12. A little background so this makes sense: I have decided to continue working for another three years before retiring. We are therefore thinking of buying a relatively small travel trailer to vacation in during that time. I figure we will get about a 25' TT so that we can stay in national parks. I know the limits vary but that should enable us to stay most places. The thing is, it seems like a small 5th wheel (say about 30') would actually be a more compact combination and easier to maneuver than a 25' TT. I just want to make sure that lengths in NP's aren't measured differently depending on 5th/TT. If a NP specifies a 27' length, then a 30' 5th wouldn't be allowed even though part of it is over the truck when towing?
  13. Sorry my response upset you so much - I included a smilie to indicate my jovial intent. I had asked the question about location because I was genuinely interested in your 5th wheel. After 9 days of no response, it seemed reasonable to conclude your advertisement had slipped your mind. It seems to happen on a number of ads in the for sale section. Anyway, I researched further and after reading about the dogs I am no longer interested. Thanks.
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