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How to Fix Error 0x8007016a ‘Cloud File Provider Is not Working’


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OK, I had Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage but I decided to go back to my old method of using my 26TB of HDDs to archive my data.

See I stopped Microsoft OneDrive from loading or accessing the Internet after I loaded all my pics on this, my backup computer and OneDrive copied them all. The only problem is with syncing offline or during an outage. No access. Then when I tried to delete them after I copied the good ones from the eternal drive I could not delete the old ones. So I went online and after a lot of reading I found an easy way to delete the old in accessible OneDrive pics.

Everyone tells me they love online storage and can access their files anywhere. With the new tiny superfast external USB 3.0-3.2 SSDs I can just buy a drive for each system or plug it into my phone. (ExFat) They use micro USB 3.0 to USB C cables, or micro to USB A 3.0-3.2

All you have to do to delete files that need the internet and whole folders is to make a new folder, copy them to it, then delete that new folderfolder. Gone.


The whole story -  my new computer started syncing with one drive and if I was disconnected I could not access my files at all. That torqued my jaws. So since I was setting it up I set it up with an external fast SSD and all my data went on it before OneDrive messed them up. I copied all my Pictures, Music, Videos, and documents in daily use, almost 550GB, to a tiny PNY 960GB SSD that is super fast. Connected to a USB C with a USB 3.2 cable to my USB C it was as fast as the internal 256GB M.2 SSD and 1 TB HDD storage drive. It was perfect and I all but deleted One drive on my systems and can use this drive between them. Since I upgraded all my systems to new or newer computers none older than 2018, they all tried to sync.

My main system started getting goofy so before I did a reset I brought my backup system and 32" Quad HD ViewSonic monitor over as my main for now - my backup system, and simply started using the PNY drive with it. I made a folder on my now main system called called Pictures 2 and copied all of those pre-OneDrive picture files to that folder. I have been using it like that. My plan was to use the new folder and if it went well top delete all the old inaccessible pics and folders.

SO the solution was quite simple and it is done. Here's the original instructions I followed:


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