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Anker's new wave of GaN chargers let you carry fewer power bricks and charge faster


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For RVrs and other travelers the portable chargers size and heat versus charging watts is critical. The newest GaN chargers are phenomenal. Anker is my go to name for high power and data chargers caables and other devices.


"The Anker Prime GaN devices include a 240W 4-port charger and a 250W power bank.

As the capabilities of our personal devices evolve, our reliance on them also increases, making it crucial to keep them fully charged at all times. GaN chargers are smaller, more portable, and more powerful than the adapters of old -- especially the ones that come included with the phones, tablets, and laptops you buy -- making them the ideal charging solution.

Today, Anker's new Prime Series, which leverages GaN technology, is available for pre-order, including a massive 240W charger that can easily replace all of your other chargers. 

The 240W Desktop Charger has four ports, three USB-C, and one USB port that can charge up to four devices simultaneously. But that's just the start.

Anker says the 240W multi-port charger can charge two MacBook Pros, an iPhone, and an iPad at full power while still having leftover power for another device. As a result, this single charger replaces the need for multiple bulky chargers, while sporting a rather compact design. 

Anker Prime 240W Power Bank

The 240W charger is so spec-heavy it comes with a vertical mount.


For those who prefer a reliable fast charger that's not as high-powered, Anker has also released a slew of new charging accessories, including a 67W GaN Wall Charger and a 100W wireless charging base.

Here is the complete list of Anker Prime Series chargers, all of which are available for ordering today.

Pricing for the chargers is relatively competitive, especially when compared to other premium brands like Belkin and Ugreen. But for the price, you can expect these to last you years, as many of ZDNET's reviewers can attest to. 



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