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I've tested a lot of AI tools for work. These are my 5 favorite so far


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"There are so many different AI tools that can increase your everyday productivity. Here are the ones I use.

The generative artifical intelligence (AI) boom might have started with the launch of ChatGPT but the technology is now integrated into in all kinds of productivity platforms that aim to make your life easier. 

AI tools can help you complete small tasks every day, which adds up to lots of saved time. The result is you can spend less time on admin and more time doing things you enjoy.

Also: This new AI tool will summarize YouTube videos for you in seconds

I've been covering and testing AI tools for ZDNET for a long time -- even before ChatGPT blew up in popularity. As a result, I've incorporated many of these tools into my daily routine. 

So, here's my favorite AI tools that I use in my everyday workflow. And, interestingly, only one of these life-hack technologies is an AI chatbot."

She goes on to review:

1. Bing Chat

2. Canva Pro 

3. Otter.ai

4. ChatPDF

5. Grammerly

The reviews of each can be found here:




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