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Anybody using UHC Renew Active (like Silver Sneakers)?

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I found a Medicare supplement that includes Renew Active, which is a program kind of Silver Sneakers.   I went to the local YMCA and they said the Renew Active would get me a free membership, but not a day pass.  But what I really want is day passes wherever I go, and not a membership.  I looked again at the Renew Active website and it does say "gym membership," and nothing about day passes.

I was under the impression that with Silver Sneakers, you can get a day pass wherever you are, but maybe I'm wrong about that.  Does anybody use SS for day passes as they travel, especially at locations that don't have dedicated Silver Sneakers classes?  I can't get Silver Sneakers because a Medicare Advantage plan won't work for me, but it would be helpful to know how the program works.

Or better yet, is anybody actually using United Healthcare Renew Active for day passes as they travel around?  Or being refused? 

The supplement that includes Renew Active is more expensive than the one that doesn't, so I don't want to get it if it's not going to work well for me.

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We have an employer provided UHC Advantage Plan and anytime we have a question or problem UHC has a number to call.  They seem to prioritize their advantage plans.  They should have a number for someone to answer your questions and assist with what you want.  Our plan has this feature but we don't use it. They have been helpful anytime I have called.


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They won't let people who don't have policies talk to customer service.  Even though I told them that the answers I get will determine whether I want to get that policy or not. 

I can't remember the question I asked the sales agent--whether it was can I belong to more than one gym at a time, or maybe if I can use Active Renew to get a day pass.  But I remember his answer:  "I don't see why not."  That's not the sort of assurance I want to base my supplement choice on, especially now that I know that this is the only time I'll have guaranteed-issue status.  In the future, if I want to change supplements, I have to apply and undergo medical underwriting, and possibly be denied.  So I'd like to get it right the first time, even if it means going with a company that's already making me mad and forcing me elsewhere to try to get answers.

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