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Our FIRST to LAST Trailer... experience


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My wife, myself and two Blue Heelers tent camped when we struggled to own a home, finance educations and make ends meet.  A tent and 4x4 SUV was our camping option. We managed  very well and adapted.  The children grew up and began their independent lives and their own families.  The home mortgage was paid off.  The two vehicles paid off.  We... were now liberated by scrimping and making every dollar count.

Our first trailer was a 2006 23 foot Airstream Safari.  A double axle.  Plenty of room.  We tweaked the factory cabinet hinges, removed the microwave and used the space to store paper towels, paper plates and room to spare.  To us... it was a 'Tent on Wheels'.  The depreciation of the original cost was slow, as the Airstream prices would increase annually.  We looked at all kinds of trailers to tow with our 2006 Tundra 4.7L 4x4 pickup.  Later to a 5.7L Tundra.  Selling the 23 foot trailer, using this sale to cover much of the cost of a 2008 25 foot Safari Airstream and in 2018, selling this trailer and moving into a 2019 27 foot Airstream, which we currently have tweaked out 100% for Off the Grid Boondocking.

We managed to negotiate two Solar Panels on the trailer and added a 100w solar panel from Costco to attach once camped for extra solar charging.  It all works beyond our expectations.  But being hard core explorers in remote areas, we can get by with minimal power needs.  This includes water, food and propane.  It just comes natural to us to minimize our use of what capabilities our latest trailer offers.

Our choice of an Airstream was the depreciation becomes minimal the longer you own the trailer.  They were easy to sell and use the money to 'up size'.  There are many other fine trailers to choose from.  We just never saw any when camped in the forests.

The Oliver trailer we looked at that was Boondocked in Colorado, while we were tent camping in 2018 AND after selling the 25 foot Airstream.  At 70 years old I found that the two of us and two Blue Heelers in the tent were a bit crowded.  Comfortable, but the idea of tent camping further off the grid worked... the long evenings in the tent after sunset was a difficult transition.  One season in 2018 tent camping... was a bit of a stretch, recalling our 30's and 40's enjoying the tight quarters with Blue Heelers.  This is why we regretted selling the 25 foot trailer and one morning decided to get our LAST trailer... the 2019 27 foot Airstream.  Negotiated the upgrades to our surprise, with the 2020's coming out,  parked in the lot at the Las Vegas Airstream dealership.

My wife inspected the interior.  I brought my crawler to inspect the bottom of the trailer, the top using a telescoping ladder, windows, water heater... etc.  Spent six hours, plus to find the RIGHT trailer that was 100% perfect from the factory.  On the day of closing another three hours, with the staff demonstrating the trailer watered up, propane fired up and everything was 100% operational... we closed on the deal and remain happy... happy... happy.  This is our dream trailer and never, ever will consider letting this one get away.

Tent camping was a treat for decades.  Trailer camping was wonderful and with all of the modern lighting, solar, cabinets and appliances... our lives have gone full circle.  Had we wanted an under 25 foot trailer for our style of camping... Oliver II would have been perfect.  They are double axle and reign supreme in the under 25 foot trailers.  Since we were familiar with Airstreams and working with them, available on a dealer's lot... we stuck with what we were familiar.

What is your story?  Everyone has a story worth repeating.  Our journey to a trailer took a number of years of learning and talking to others.  It was not easy.  Today... we are experts in picking out what works best for us... today.  It took 13 years... but finally found our Boondocking home.  What is your story?

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Tents....tent trailer.....a whole bunch of truck campers......all used as a means to an end. Never did any campground camping. RV was used to attend events....motorcycle, car racing, shooting..... few years ago I got involved with Cowboy Action Shooting. These are mostly weekend events all over the country. The truck camper was just about perfect. Towing a motorcycle trailer.

And then my wife decided she wanted to participate in the sport of CAS. She would not even enter the truck camper. No toilet, no shower, no bathtub.

 So I needed a trailer.....a toy hauler.....but not too big....with a tub.....the a Forest River 19rr was perfect!

 Lots of solar, a few other mods and it is a great experience. 

In five years I’ve put over 50,000 miles on it. It has gone to Phoenix from Massachusetts every year. Been down some trails it never should have.

went cross country to San Francisco and up to Oshkosh and down to Georgia.

I still love motorcycle tent camping and have done a few 11,000 mile trips....including the haul road in Alaska.

A month ago I bought a rooftop tent for my truck. Leave the trailer for a few days and a REALLY do some off road exploring.

See all the madness here.... www.rvbprecision.com

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