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Hello fellow Campers, and  happy Sunday to each of you!

I hope this post finds you well and enjoying a great Sunday afternoon with family and friends. And by clicking on this post today, I wanna say thank you so much and hopefully you will continue reading until the end of the post.

Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I am a husband and father of 2 wonderful teenage children, who probably like yourself really enjoys the outdoors & camping. And while we are new-bies to full-timerving, we have been camping in some shape or form for many years. Like many of you, we're still learning new things, but we feel like we have also collected alot of valuable information that we enjoy sharing with others. From rving, tent camping, hiking, cooking and much more. We're all about finding ways to enjoy this life style in a facet of different ways. But with that said, the journey to where we are today came with alot of trials & hardships until we finally discovered our purpose and mission for our future.

5 years ago we were poised to purchase our 2nd house in our life and set a life style in motion that included having all the things we thought we always wanted. I was prepared to give my family the best possible life of material things that I could make happen. But little did I know, we were sinking fast and soon found ourself way over our head. 
I remember a many of months of not even having descent meals to eat from putting everything we had into our beautiful home and new vehicles. It was so hard understanding how we were working so hard and struggling so much. The problems we created for ourself could have easily tore our family apart. I even questioned God many times on how he could let that happen to me after I thought this was the home he gave to me.
So in less than 2 years we loss our home and pretty much everything we had & were forced to move into my mother in law's 1 bedroom apt for a few months until we get  into a place of our own. It was hard for a long time dealing with losing everything I had worked so hard for. And I wasn't sure if we would ever be in that position again. Little did I know those hardships brought us to where we are today.
God's purpose in our lives was so much more than all the material things we could collect by litterally working ourself to death. His purpose for me was partially revealed about 2 years ago to set out into missionary work, live a simpler life but to also help others enjoy camping and Rving. 
Part of that journey is our new web site- www.full-timerving.com
With that said, I realize there are a million resources online of places you can get your RV and camping needs. But hopefully you will see our mission is much more than that. We're all about touching & changing the lives of people all over the place with encouraging and uplifting information. I know there are many others Christian and non-believers who feel like God is moving in there life and would just like to know, there are others just like you. Plus by stopping by our website, you are making a big difference in the mission that God has for our family.
We're not represented by a certain Church organization or group although we were brought up in Church. We're still discovering where his purpose is for us which also includes helping others with Rving.
We would greatly appreciate anyone following our journey and path along with your prayers and encouragement. And if you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask. And if we can help you with Rving, we would like to do that as well. 
So to conclude, thanks for reading our post today. I hope you will take the time to stop by our website.
www.full-timerving.com  And feel free to leave some comments or suggestions. We're just getting it started and hopefully we can meet alot of great people along the way.

God Bless, & take care.


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I applaud your honesty with your situation, however I can not agree with your destination. To help others is a great and righteous endeavor, to be sure, but how you got here seems a bit of a stretch. I was a single father that would collect soda and beer bottles for the deposit so that I could afford to buy my 2 year old daughter a meal. I was homeless for a time, yet made sure that my daughter was fed and clothed. Your losing all your worldly possessions to now gain them back by 'Helping Others' is a slight of hand and no more. God came to me in a strange way, some would say a dream, others a vision, but whatever it was it was powerful and direct. Stop wanting for material things, stop using others to make yourself better, stop lying to people about your intentions these are the messages God gave me. I did this, and here 34 years later, twice divorced, retired (at 57 year old) man, with 2 step sons, a daughter and a son, very happy and full of God's love. I worked hard and stop wanted things of the flesh, material things and asked what God wanted me to do. He walked with me every step of the way to where I am and nowhere in there did he ever tell me to start a website that I could make money from using his name. Shame on you. Now this is just my personal opinion and I could be way off course, but God has been with me for years (there's no other way to explain it) and your "website" seems a bit commercial oriented.


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