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2019 HOP Balloon Fiesta

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With the Balloon Fiesta fast approaching, like Larry & Bonnie (May post), we are also from Florida and getting ready for our first Balloon Festival!  I talked to Tamika (sp?) today and she told me we'd see banners and signs directing us to the other escapees upon our arrival - we are concerned about finding everyone!  But we have a couple other questions that she was less sure about.  1. Our letter says we are welcome to arrive between 8-10am on the early days.  We are signed up to arrive on Thursday but won't get there until later in the day.  Is this okay or do we have to arrive between 8-10am only?  2. Does anyone who's gone before have a recommendation on where we can stop to disconnect our tow vehicle?  

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If coming from the south on 25 Take Paseo Del Norte and keep right. There is a Lowe’s there at the intersection. Pull in and u hook. Leave the parking lot on the east and turn lt. That will be San Pedro. Stay in San Pedro until you get to Alameda. Turn lt on Alameda and go u dear 25 to the balloon grounds. If you try to go to the balloon museum, it will probably be too crowded for you to get in the parking lot.

if anyone needs a place to stay, call Coronado Village and see if they have any sides available.  505-823-2515. They’ll then Ron in 228 recommended them. 

Ron C.

2013 Dynamax Trilogy 3850 D3

2000 Kenworth T2000 Optimus Prime

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