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Alaska HOP Gratuities Fee

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We are considering signing up for the Alaska trip this summer. We have been told there is a possibility that once you register and log into the cruise site you are asked to place your credit  card on file to the tune of $60.00 per day per person for gratuities.  Can someone who has signed up confirm or deny this?  If so what is the per day fee? Any additional input would also be helpful. Our first HOP. 

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Most major cruise lines have a somewhat "mandatory" tipping policy.

This HOP is on Holland America and here is their statement on tipping:

Holland America will automatically charge $14.50 per person, per day to passengers in interior, ocean-view and balcony cabins and $16 to suite passengers. Gratuities apply to both adults and children. See the front desk if you wish to adjust your automatic gratuities.Jan 16, 2019

So while you can insist on no automatic tipping, or ask that your tips be refunded to you, it is really part of the "cruise experience".   We took an Alaskan Cruise on a small ship, adventure cruise line called UnCruise, and while they didn't do automatic tipping there was an "opportunity" at the end of the cruise to leave a tip for the entire crew. They gave guidelines (something like $30 per person per day) and we were ultimately happy to pay it as the crew had been outstanding. We could have simply said no...

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