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New FL resident Full Timer - Umbrella Insurance


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Hello! We have just started full timing and are in the process of changing domicile to FL with the help of the Escapees. Having trouble finding an insurance company or agent/broker that can help us get an Umbrella policy. We no longer own a brick/stick home. Would really like to have it to supplement the policies on the tow vehicle and trailer. 

I did a search on this forum and didn’t see any recommendations specific to FL residents. If i missed it my apologizes.

Thank you

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Thank you SWharton. I did find this thread in my earlier searches. It seemed very TX specific, I wasn’t sure who Miller was, and I have already tried AIS, Good Sam and several others. None would write Umbrellas or could help full time RVing FL residents.

I just found through a different blog Miller is an insurance broker out of OR that can sell insurance for the whole country so I will try them next. Wish me luck! And thank you again for your response.

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That might be the case. Most other insurance policies do have some state specific nuances and not all brokers can sell in all states. Without a traditional home I understand an insurer may require certain types of coverage and/or amounts on our vehicle and trailer insurance policies. 

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