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Maxxfan stuck on low!


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Hi all,

   New member here, recently picked up a newer fifth wheel that my wife and I are full timing in. I had the Maxxfan (4 spd) in the BR running overnight, went to turn it off in the am and nothing happened. Fan continues on low speed, won't change speed, cover won't close. I am able to close cover manually. Swapped out the wall switch with one from the bath, doesn't make any difference. Dropped the cover and disconnected the power at fan. Maxxair service phone number proved less than useful.  I could probably have the fan replaced under warranty,  it with a service call I could just replace the fan cheaper. Just thought I'd throw it out there see if anyone has had a similar issue


TIA, Paul

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Welcome to the Escapee forums. I can't offer much help as I am not familiar with the unit but was able to locate installation instructions and operating instructions, but nothing that is much help in troubleshooting. I believe that since it is under warranty, I'd look into that action. 

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It's possible that your manual open/close knob is not engaged for "auto". Either that, the gear is stripped, or the manual stop tab (small plastic "stop" when opening/closing the vent manually) has broken so that the teeth are not engaging. The unit is not getting the "off/on" signal. It's not uncommon with those.

At any rate... if you're under warranty then there really isn't any reason not to have the fan unit insert replaced. It's not much fun dealing with Maxxair's C.S. and the gear/knob replacement is kind of a PITA.

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