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LCI Levelup Questions


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I have a new 5th wheel with the LCI Levelup system. It's new to me and even the fifth wheel is a new experience. My previous trailers have all been bumper pull.


Since I was CG hosting at a nearby campground, the dealership delivered the new 5th wheel to me and permitted me to keep my old trade-in for a few days so I could move my stuff from one to the other. Although this was convenient, it means I have yet to connect the new unit to my truck. It's further complicated by the fact that I elected to install the Andersen 5th wheel hitch since I wanted it to be easily removable.


So those circumstances brings to a series of questions about the LCI system:

1. When I raise the jacks to connect the first time, I presume I manually raise the rear jacks first, then raise the front jacks high enough to drop it on the Andersen ball. Correct?

2. When I get to o a new site and unhook should I extend slides before or after I level?

3. There are also manual extensions on the front jacks. The tech that delivered the trailer extended this a couple of inches when he unhooked. Is there any "norm" for how far these should be extended?

4. On my bumper pulls I usually used Lynx Levelers under the stabilizers. Should I be using them under the Levelups?




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I will try to do my best to answer your questions......

1. You are correct, raise the rear stabilizers first.

2. I keep the slides in until the trailer is level from side to side and generally until completely level.

3. There is no 'norm' for the extensions, but some say the stability is more with the extensions are shorter.

4. That is a matter of choice and what kind of surface you are setting up on.

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