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Past RV'er willing to barter services to board with/in one current


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I'm in my 20s, spent a year crossing from Florida to California and living aboard a RV which ended up getting stolen, and worse... Anyway I am currently residing stationary in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. If anyone is going to be in the area and would consider taking on an additional rider, please do take me into consideration. I am very respectful, and like to spend my time cooking, singing, curating and mixing music (big time, over all), building or fixing things (I like projects), and developing websites. I am a decent masseuse as well. I do my best to keep everyone in positive spirits at all times by all means. I just need a mobile sanctuary and trustworthy company. If at all interested please contact me with some basic information about yourself and I will gladly respond with links to my mixes. Follow up with me if you like them and we'll get in contact. Tremendous thanks.

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