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Older King Dome in motion information


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Our King Dome in motion dish didn't work when we left for a trip this fall.

Called King Dome and was told Direct TV changed their signal after AT&T bought them and our in motion dish was obsolete.

A call to Direct and we were told they were still sending the same signal.

A call back to King Dome got a different person. He said there was some change and the King Dome no longer worked as it did but there was a work around.

He sent us this method of reprograming it.


Press On once. The Display should show Idle/Hold.
Press main until you get to User Setup.
Press the Right Arrow () to get to Set Region.
Press the Minus ( - ) Button until display shows 0-Recalibrate.
Press Enter. Your unit should go back to the Idle/Hold screen.
Press On once. Your unit will display Run: Scan Align. (Your region will go back to the last setting. It will
not show 0-Recalibrate).
It should take 1-2 minutes for the unit to go to Run: Wide Scan which will indicate it is completed.
this worked very well.
One thing. You must leave the dish on when you move or you will have to repeat this when you stop.
If you leave it on, the tv will always work when you stop.


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Interesting...I too have an older King Dome and every time I stop or lose power to the King Dome, I have to run through that procedure(almost every time). This last trip I said enough of this so I put the TV, the Sat receiver and the King Dome controls on a "UPS" so even if I accidentally turn off a breaker or turn off the inverter, the system will remain on until I shut it down.

96' Vogue PrimaVista, CAT 3176b, 10.2 litre, Allison HD-4060

Mollie, Rubie, Cassie and Maggie.......all rescued King Charles Spaniel's

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