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Chimacum Waiting List - Updated info 9-2016


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It has been a year since my last post on this topic but the original thread has been locked so I cannot update the information in it.


Today, the Evergreen Coho SKP RV Park is full with about 65 people on the Evergreen waiting list.

Because most people on the waiting list have heard that it may take several years before their name gets to the first available slot they anticipate a very delayed opportunity and get on it much earlier than they plan to arrive. When a site does come available, other park members get 2 days to swap their site for the new one and then those on the waiting list get contacted.


Some of the park reviewing websites only show 22 sites available for Escapee member visitors but the park manages a rental pool of sites belonging to absent leaseholders. Depending on the time of year, this pool can add dozens of additional full hookup sites (approximately 40' x 70' as parallelograms) .


Some past problems in the Evergreen Coho Escapees SKP RV Park with infrastructure and operations conflicts have either been resolved or are being corrected at this time. The operation of the park for the past year has been very productive and all utilities work is done to meet today's specifications. Electrical services are also being improved to handle the big rigs and park models of today and tomorrow.


To correct some misconceptions stated elsewhere and in some reviews concerning park models, the Evergreen park requires all units be official RVs. Park models are required to be no larger than the Jefferson county RV designation of <=400 square feet and no wider than 12 feet. All RVs must retain their wheels and axles in place and no unit can be put on a permanent foundation of any sort Every unit must be currently licensed as RVs. All of the other current Standing Rules, Bylaws, and other Evergreen Coho park public documents are available on the www.evergreencohoskprvpark.com website.


One of the new improvements in the Evergreen SKP park is that Wave Broadband wired services are now available to all individual leaseholder's sites. Current service is cable based with Internet speeds available up to 110mbps. In the near future, a 250mbps internet plan will be available. Wave also offers Cable TV and Phone services as either a la carte or bundled together.


Wifi has long been available in the clubhouse but a plan is underway to make Wi-Fi available to renters throughout the park on all sites.


The Evergreen Coho SKP park also has a Facebook page for the public to use and a closed private FB group just for current leaseholders to use to help with communications. Many of them travel seasonally and this really helps everyone stay connected to the park while away.


The clubhouse was renovated earlier this year and now sports a very comfortable and homey atmosphere.





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