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Newbies looking for helpful RV tips and feedback

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Hello RV Friends,


My wife Grace just retired (me, some time in semi-retirement) and we can't wait to enjoy the good life following in my parents footsteps (Airstreams, etc.) As part-timers, we thought we'd share our adventures/misadventures shooting photos and videos along the way.


It would be great to get your critiques, advice and counsel about our recent purchases for our Class C 25 foot Fleetwood Icon and other helpful suggestions. To get up to speeds we are starting off with a handful of nearby trips to RV parks and State campgrounds within 3 hours of home.


So far we've only had one potential setback - a ply separation but we were able to limp home and I've decided to replace all six tires to be on the safe side (RV has 15K miles but is 6-8 years old). Second, I'm not so sure rolling out the awning 6 feet before securing the feet was wise (really started sagging). And third, when dumping the blackwater tank I knelt down on the pavement area - perhaps not the cleanest thing to do.


If you want to check us out in action, here's the link to our maiden voyage. Many thanks for sharing your advise and counsel...


Awning misadventure:


Blackwater challenge:



Going "all in" buying RV goodies...


Happy Trails, Michael and Grace (and our Siberian Husky, Kaliki)

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The issue of tires comes up on a very frequent basis. In some cases, RV manufacturers use the cheapest Chinese made tires. That does not help but is not the only concern. Tires dry rot when not in regular use. Heat and flexing actually are necessary to prevent the deterioration. Protecting the tires from sunlight does little or no good. I had a spare under my truck bed that had been there for 4 years. It was dry rotted and unusable. I put it into use and it seemed fine. A couple of weeks later I was about to set out on a long trip and noticed that deep cracks had appeared. I am not sure how long you can keep tires that are not used frequently, but apparently 4 years is over the limit!!

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