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Owning an RV in Europe?


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Hi all --


I used the search function to see if this has been discussed before, and couldn't come up with anything. Apologies if I'm asking an old question.


Many foreign residents own RVs in the US, often using an Escapees address for registration, insurance, etc. Many store the vehicle here for months, coming back year over year.


Going the other direction, for RVing OUTSIDE North America:


For short trips, some folks simply rent RVs, which can cost close to $200/day. This isn't a solution for a long, slow trip.


Some Escapee members have shipped their US RVs to Europe, some for a single long trip, while others store the RV in Europe and make annual trips back for a few months. Insurance can be prohibitively high in this scenario; add in shipping costs and the relative fuel inefficiency of US Class B RVs and this becomes a pricey option.


Others follow the advice of the Churches and lease an RV from an outfit in Netherlands or Germany, which will provide registration and insurance, and buy the vehicle back at considerably lower price.


But I'd like to buy a used RV in Europe and use it there for several months a year, over many years.


QUESTION: is there a mail/address service comparable to Escapees in the UK or the EU that can provide an address for purchase and registration of a UK or EU motorhome by someone without a residence in the UK or EU? I've heard that there are address/mail services for people who live on barges (UK, France) but haven't been able to track those down.


I'm a dual US/UK citizen (and thus a citizen of the EU, at least for another month), but I am domiciled with Escapees in Texas, and don't have an address (or usable family) in UK or EU.


Thanks for any information you can provide!





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