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Warning on 2 Apps-Call Blocker and Rv Trip Wizard


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I recently had/have problems with 2 apps so this is a note of warning.


Call Blocker-This is resolved. I signed up for free Call Blocker, to the best of my knowledge I did not sign up for the "pay" version. Today I received an email that my Google Play account was charged for an annual subscription to Call Blocker, effective yesterday. Nice of them to tell me the day after the charge comes through. I was able to cancel this subscription.


RV Trip Wizard-I signed up for this app and after playing around decided I really didn't like it. Site says 30 day refund(they did not have a 30 day free trial). I sent 2-3 emails to cancel and no response. I then went to Paypal to see if they would help. I never reached Paypal Resolution since in researching I found Rv Trip Wizards phone number. I called them, again no response.


When I called them I discovered that they are a sister company to Rv Park Reviews, a site I use a lot. I have since sent a note through Rv Park Reviews and through Paypal. I assume this will resolve itself but I would caution everyone about dealing with RV Trip Wizard.

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Assuming you mean "Kedlin", that's odd then. I've been using their "Call Control" app quite successfully for sometime now, with no unexpected charges of any kind to my Google account. Nor did I notice any similar complaints in an admittedly brief scan through the relatively small percentage of negative reviews. I wonder what went wrong where...

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I guess my fingers(and mind) got tangled up. Yes Kedlin it is. I have used it for 6 months or so and then this charge came to me randomly. I don't think I have even blocked a call in a month or 2. I like the app and find it works great. I am not even upset they charged me. I am upset that they tell me about the charge a day after it is done with no prior warning or ability to opt out.


RV Trip Wizard has been resolved. Once I went to Paypal and their process the credit came to me very fast. Why they don't answer their emails is beyond me. I should have been suspicious when there was no "contact" option on their web page but I didn't notice that until I needed it.

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I like the app also, it one that really works. I sent them an email asking for an explanation, doubt if I will get one.


I am very cautious as you can sign up for all sorts of things without knowing it. I don't know how many times I downloaded a program and didn't pay attention to what was going on and installed random toolbars etc.

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