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Tax Expertise for Rvers

B & B Retired

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Good day,

My partner and I have run our software consulting LLC for several years. I went full-time last year, and I have not found anyone with experience in idenifying tax deductions that pertain to using our RV as home and home office.


Is there anyone on the forum who has this expertise or has used someone for their business taxes?


Thanks in advance for your help,



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I previously had a site bookmarked that was for a CPA named Honey from CA that was a full-timer and specialized in tax situations - alas, I lost that bookmark somehow, and now I cannot relocate that information. I thought I had gotten it off from this forum a couple of years ago. When I had it, I did e-mail her and ask a couple of questions and she replied with answers for me. I sure wish I could find her again.

Pat DeJong

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I have a wonderful accountant who has helped us with our bookkeeping for many years and also with our taxes during our past 8 years of full-timing and working as we travel. (We are domiciled in SD, and she lives in Arizona.) Here's her info:


Maureen Lonien

Loroff Enterprises, Inc.



Lyn & Ray Madaghiele


Ray & Lyn Madaghiele

Lovin' full-timing, with businesses on the road

2007 New Horizons 5th wheel pulled by Chevy 3500 dually


"Be the change you wish to see" -- Gandhi

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