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Thanks Cabelas!


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This Valentine's Day my wife and I got caught up in a winter storm while transitting thru Kentucky and Indiana enroute to our home in metro Detroit.


Like most winter storms it started as just a few flurries as we pulled out of Cave City, KY. Cave City was the best / "last" campground with full hookups that we were positive would be open on our way. We kept the plumbing live on our trip home until this morning - taking care of re-winterizing the coach just before we pulled out today. Slowly, what started as a few flurries turned into a real snowstorm complete with accumulation on the freeway. We were planning to make it to Angola, IN before stopping for the night - however, by the time we got to Indianapolis the roads and the traffic was ugly. Definitely NOT where one wants to be when they're driving a 65 foot long coach and toad combination.


As we talked about pulling up short to wait out the weather - we passed by a sign for a Cabella's up ahead. A quick phone call confirmed that like Walmart - Cabella's is RV friendly. Ten minutes later we pulled up. We stopped by the Service Desk to confirm that we were parked in an area they were happy with. They gave us a thumbs up on our location, welcomed us to have some coffee and enjoy their fire. We were told to feel free to extend our slides if we needed to.


Cabella's has definitely been a welcome port in this storm!

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We've done that at cabelas and walmart too. Also extended slides and even ran the generator sometimes. These places come in handy while crossing the country. Almost all casinos will let you stay free overnight. Just dont push it much beyond one night and they will be fine with it. Have used Cracker Barrel too.

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