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Dog treat


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Dog treat..... My wife has been making this dog treat for the last 20 years. She makes it for the Christmas holidays for our kids pets, and neighbors who have dogs.


She now has to place a warning on the wrapped Christmas treat for the pet. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED.. Near miss when dog ate the entire package of treats, along with paper & ribbon off package, even though sealed.


1. Dehydrator

2. Beef liver on sale.

3. Garlic power.


Cut partially thawed beef liver into 1 inch strips, place in the dehydrator set on

Jerky setting and sprinkle with garlic powder, half way turn re sprinkle. Finished when dry and bendable but not crispy.


Since it's not jerked will go moldy in 10 days in Florida heat so we keep ours refrigerated. One of our neighbors like this so much they bought their own dehydrator.



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