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Hyatt gold passport members - free points


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I didn't know where to shtick this. RV accessories for sale didn't seem to fit.


For any Hyatt Gold (or above) Passport members... I was just notified I need to use my points (which I won't) or loose them come March 31st. They are transferable, so if anyone could put them to use, drop a PM.


I have 9,000 left. Roughly a $216 equivalent toward a room or they can be converted to miles, spa, restaurant, or whatever.

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No one's interested in free money anymore? ;) Signing up for a Hyatt passport is free. Make a nice hotel sleep-over for your significant other come Valentine's. :P


Just so you know.. I earn/get nothing out of the deal. I just hate to see a couple grand of accumulated points go un-used. The daughter blew up nearly everything on her trip to the U.S. this past Christmas (rooms, spa treatments, etc.) this is just her leftovers. :P:lol:

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