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Real Time Communications 24/7?


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For 8+ years we have used a tripod satellite service with Hughes Ku band, and have got along OK. That service is no longer available for us, but we still need the mobile tripod type system because of the places we travel where cell is NOT an option. Sooo, along came RTC with their Vsat service. Still Hughes, but RTC provides the mobility, so we closed our account with Hughes after buying a new setup from RTC, and making sure everything was OK, even though it is a little more pricey. They offered only the items I needed, as I could have used some of my old equipment, but I purchased everything new so I wouldn't have any problems. My first attempt to get single was a wreck. I tried all day with no luck, and they were very patient and couldn't figure it out, because they had tested everything out with my new account before it was shipped. I called my neighbor (a certified installer), and he dropped by, and as soon as he got out of his truck, he started ribbing me, and laughing. I had mounted the LMB backwards!!! What a moron I am sometimes. Any idea how many times I have setup a dish for me and others, both TV and internet? Hundreds, if not Thousands!! Installed it correct, and didn't even have to change the point, and got single, then when through the setup OK. Now, we're in Florida, and again, no single, and everything IS setup correct! I have changed cables, hooked up direct, without going through any connections, etc., with no luck. Checked and rechecked my new coordinates, and can't even get any single at all. RTC says they have service 24/7, but I have tried to call for 4 days and was finally told today by the answering service that they think they are out until Monday 1-4-2016. I guess I not only don't know which end is up on the LMB, but now I don't know what 24/7 means. Does any of you folks have the mobile tripod service through RTC?


Thanks, Dick T

BTW, Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas, and will have a Happy New Year

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