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TL-ANT2412D Antenna


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We have the WiFi Go Ranger, with the Phantom 7.0.2 Firmware. We've had this installed with the WFRBoost and a smaller antenna. They say that the Boost is outdated and is not supported well by the Go. How can I get rid of it in the Control Panel? It seems to conflict with it and it and our signal keeps dropping out. I've sent them screenshots of how we have it setup and everything is fine.


"It sounds like the issue may be that the WFRBoost has an IP address conflict with the NETGEAR. Change the IP address of your WFRBoost to avoid future IP conflicts:

1) Go to the WiFiRanger Control Panel
2) Select Setup tab
3) Click WFRBoost hyperlink (takes you to AirOS control panel for WFRBoost)
4) Enter ubnt / ubnt for the username / password
5) Select Network tab
6) Change IP Address from to
7) Save changes
8) Go back to the WiFiRanger Control Panel
9) Expand the WFRBoost settings on the Setup tab
10) Enter to replace
11) Click Save
12) Reboot both WiFiRanger and WFRBoost
13) Ensure WFRBoost is still configured and then try connecting to the WiFi network

This should avoid the IP Conflict at this location, and many others as the 192.168.1.x IP scheme is very common."


"Perhaps the WFRBoost is simply not compatible with that network. Since the WFRBoost is a very old technology, some networks don't work with it"




I also would like to install a TL-ANT2412D antenna for better reception. Can I just remove the Boost and hook up the antenna? Are there any configurations that need to be changed?

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It IS a good idea to change the default IP addresses as indicated. I would do that.


As to the antenna, you can replace the Laird (stubby antenna) with any antenna with the right connections. The issue is going to be haw will you physically support it. That 12 dbi antenna is very large and will put a lot of strain on the connector. There are ways around this, but none of them are a total solution in an RV environment - at least for a permanent mounted system. Using that setup I'd use a pole mount and mount it as needed.

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I have changed the default IP address already. I'm thinking of mounting it to our Sensar antenna just like the short one. I think I can work around the strain on the connection.


If there is nothing else I need to do, I'm going to give it a whirl.


Thanks for your comment Jack!

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