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Window sealant turning to goo


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Hi All


I've moved my LazyDaze with the back facing south and I've just noticed that the sealant around the window is turning to goo - kind of soft and sticky. The window doesn't leak, although I've also found a few spots of mold. It's been warm and sunny here for the time of year, but only in the 60's. For most of the summer I rigged a tarp to shade the window from the full west sun.


Does this mean that the sealant is failing or does this just happen sometimes?


Many thanks...



Pat in The Pearl - 2000 30' Lazy Daze


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That sealant is most likely butyl putty tape. It is supposed to remain soft and pliable. Take a plastic putty knife and scrape the excess off and then (if you want) apply some good caulking along the edge.



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